Is that true.... they ... actually..

PelagatoPelagato PRMember UncommonPosts: 650

You guys think is true they are going to buy your character if you dont like Atlantica... lol....

If this is the deal lol... let me create tons of accounts and sell the characters... hahaha...


  • KesranKesran ManchesterMember Posts: 88

    As I understand it, they will only buy it back when you reach lvl 50 (don't know how long that takes but imagine it's quite some time)...there are quite a few terms and conditions attached, doubt it'll be as easy to sell loads back as you seem to think.

    Hundreds of years from now, it will not matter what size my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... But the world may be different because I did something so bafflingly crazy that my ruins become a tourist attraction.

  • PelagatoPelagato PRMember UncommonPosts: 650

    oh crap!!!!

    level 50 and what conditions and so on?

    no more than one selled out....

  • Superman0XSuperman0X San Jose, CAMember RarePosts: 2,015

    The requirement is L50 (not 49 or 51) and a valid paypal account. It is valid to one per customer.

    If you have already leveledup, you can do a second account to L50 (if you have two computers) in about a week.

  • gsp_rushgsp_rush orlando, FLMember Posts: 113

    Yeah it is true. They had advertised that promo all over the net. And the catch is that you have a paypal and you must be level 50. I guess you have learned a lot in Atlantica Online in that level and you have seen what Atlantica has to offer in that level that is why they are confident that many of the gamers will not sell their account.

  • SlappanSlappan Portland, ORMember Posts: 289

    It's a big gamble or a sign of confidence. $20 isn't too much though, and a lot of people don't have paypal so even if they wanted to sell, they wouldn't have any way to recieve payment. 50 is pretty easy though, especially with the constant experience bonuses.

  • muro_amimuro_ami MLK, AKMember Posts: 91

    I am already playing Atlantica Online for about three weeks to be exact but my level is still below 50. Well, I play Atlantica Online for about three to four hours a day, so I guess to be more quicker in leveling up, you need to play more than that. I guess it is not worth it to spend a lot of time leveling up and getting just 20 bucks. And I do not know if they will sell their account because the game is really fun to play.

  • dt1984dt1984 +N/A, NJMember Posts: 218

    Leveling up to 50 can be done in a week. that is true but if you say that it needs to have a valid paypal that means you should have vrified it with a credit card. :( and as the rules say, one paypal account to one character. A lot of other people are thinking of making extra cash out of it but i don't know if they were successful about it. ^^

  • YuramikoYuramiko ParisMember Posts: 176

    Do you guys actually believed that they will allow us to outwit them? I don't think so, they make it clear that you can just sold out one character for one pay pal account, so if ever that you don't have a paypal account anymore what will happen then? None, that is the reason that I won't sell my account for a mere amount of money.

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