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Hardcore video of Darkfall

EvasiaEvasia Member Posts: 2,827

But be warned its not for the weak minded and some words may offend you in this song.


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  • nileqnileq Member Posts: 476

    That was by far the best one yet!

    I ain't like you!

    I have nothing clever to say.

  • ganbeeganbee Member Posts: 233

    By the title, I was hoping to see a couple of orcs getting it on! COOL VIDEO!

  • Kaelaan21Kaelaan21 Member UncommonPosts: 349

    Although the game will have it's flaws... I am looking forward to the change.

    That being said... this video sucks donkey balls.

  • KhaelSUNKhaelSUN Member Posts: 394

    Hmm bad vid, you should think DF is only for emo's or something after watching this.


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