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Anyone else still having a blast with Mount & Blade?

TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,603

This game the more I play it the more I love it.   For a single player sandbox RPG it just rocks!  Added a couple of cool mods(ones that add to the native game without ruining it) to spice it up and it just gets better and better.    Still playing the same character I originally started with and the game is not getting stale or old. 

For a single player RPG it plays like an MMO due to the  nature of the way the NPC's are in the game.   I  swear they are being played by someone.  LOL!  They seem to have minds of their own.  The developers did a great job in the AI. 

Combat in game cannot be beat.  Best I have experienced in any game to date.  The political and economics of the game are a amazing.   Taleworlds did a great job with this game.  If you haven't tried it yet.  Do it!

I haven't played an MMORPG since getting this game.   ::huge grin::

Seriously....anyone else still playing this game and loving it?


  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    The graphics might make me cry...

    but I suppose ill give it a shot tonight.

  • Tyres100Tyres100 Member Posts: 704

    Hey Teala, unfortunately for me I had not been playing since I updated drivers for my 4870x2 because the drivers make all the textures turn red. I had to update to the newest drivers to get some newer games to run. I am waiting for a fix from them. The game is still good. I enjoyed it for a long time before I had to update my cards driver to get a couple new games I got to work.

    There is some speculation that the developers are trying to move into the MMO market later next year with this IP. So wait and see I guess. To bad things take forever to get started.

    Who let you in the VIP section?

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