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What EU Server? What Settings?

Hi all

Im coming back.... and bringing someone with me.. My WIFE!

Hope she likes it.


I did to level 80 about 2 months ago and quit but recent patches have showed it to look alot better, so giving it anotehr try.


Whats the most populated EU(UK) server to play on?


Also my wife only has-

AMD 3400 duel core

2 gigs ram

x1950 pro


PC, she run it right? just in low?







  • BearShammyBearShammy Member Posts: 240

    I hear Aquilonia in Europe is the biggest of them all. It's a RP-PVP server. While looking it up I found this really funny link . So many good shots inside.

    Another thing I also saw that AoC has all time low price on AoC download now on so if you plan to get your wife a download get one from there. Prepare yourself to see a huge performance increase (since you left two months back)

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