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Turf Battles is back!

RomaaRomaa Member Posts: 1

Visit the link for more details.


Turf Battles has been bought by AeriaGames Japan and AG USA will be releasing the North American version before the end of the year.  I know many of you were passionate Turf Battles players and were disappointed when the game was shut down, but it's returning for real this time and Aeria Games is inviting you to play.

Reference links;


IRC Server:




We hope to see you soon.



  • hectic1hectic1 Member Posts: 27

    for an old game this was actualy fun,and i played it while there were much better games around,but was just bored with them

  • steroidssteroids Member Posts: 1

    TURF BATTLES FTW and is it gna like be the same and are our accounts stil gna be tehre and stuff or r we gna have 2 start from scratch again

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