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Online Space ship game

AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

Tried quite a few. Yet the ones I've played are not so involving lately.

I'm looking for a space ship game (doesn't have to be an MMO) that focuses on PVP and doesn't have you spend lots of down time to get back in the fight. Yet have some sort of content to customise your ship in real time. 2d or 3d doesn't matter. But 2d space ship games tend to play better due to the technology restrictions on 3d games, forcing you into smaller spaces and bottle necks such as jump gates. Graphics, I'm more forgiving in the 2d department than 3d. Blocky graphics in 3d, I can't stand it. Seems to be very picky in my requirements, but seeing what is out there.

Some thing like Cosmic Rift (Rogue Trader zone - perfect if it had players) and Dark Space (though with out the major down time).

Games played that don't suit what I am looking for.
-EVE (Please god no)
-Subpsace/Continuum (was fun for a while, but the same old, shoot enemy and see which one of you dies first got boring after a while)
-Starport: Galatic Empires (This game was actually great. Until you ran out of fuel and had to wait to play again basically. Not to mention you can be killed while offline)
-Star Sonata (The PVE was fun here for a while. But the PVP is very lacking and a lot of features are lacking such as a 'buddy list.' Great place to explore, but that was really the only great thing about it.)

If I can't find a good space ship game. I guess I'll probably go back to fantasy... meaning WoW basically... Yeah.


  • cataphrachtcataphracht Member Posts: 50

    It isn't a mmo, and It's unusual but I really enjoyed a game called X3 Reunion. Not a usual space sci fi game sort of fan but I really liked this game.

    You might laugh but  I suggest S.P.O.R.E as a great space game, ofcourse X3 was a more advanced space adventure but Spore tends to be a lot of fun generally and it's space stage is where the game takes the most time to play.

  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 269

    I agree with the SPORE suggestion the Galactic edition lets you travel to space. Also there is ACE online, and Space Cowboy, both of which are free games.

  • DuckyDucky Member Posts: 413

    Freelancer would be a good option, its not on a massive scale, but it is character progressive on the correct servers, some hosting up to 128 players if memory serves.


    Either way, it was an awesome game single player aswell.


  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    Alright, thank you for the replies.

    X3 doesn't seem to have multiplayer, at least what I red on Wiki.
    SPORE I've heard of and ain't too fond of the DRM thing EA has going on.
    Space Cowboy last I heard is no more and if ACE Online is any thing like it, PVP is more a side thing and it is heavily focused on PVE.

    Freelancer might seem to be my best option though. Now where to find it. >.>

  • BellaHBellaH Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Oh lol sorry about the space cowboy and ace online, Ive never played them just remember hearing that they where space oreinted. Not sure I can think of anything else other then maybe eve online.

  • AlloughNAlloughN Member Posts: 168

    ((double post, sorry))

  • AlloughNAlloughN Member Posts: 168

    StarQuest Online. Its space based, but it has planetside to. You are a character at all times, whether on the ground or on a ship in space.

    Its gameplay is kinda different, you will either not like it, or you will be totally addicted and never be able to leave, which is what happened to me. :P

    STO or SWTOR might be able to tear me away for a little while though.. but until then.

  • rodtanrodtan Member Posts: 3

    How about Free Allegiance?


  • Cypt1Cypt1 Member UncommonPosts: 283

    I didn't see Taikodom on your list (it's a F2P game), so at least visit its website and see what you think:

  • ssnautilusssnautilus Member Posts: 373

    Two Non-Free MMO's come to mind - specially if you're interested in PvP:

    1. Planetside - not exactly space, but lots of flying crafts and lots of PvP. No customization.

    2. Star Wars Galaxies - the SPACE game is totally independent from the ground combat everyone cries about these days. It is fast, fun, has amazing lucasarts pyrotechics, realtime dogfighting, and has faction PvP and PvE.

    As for ship customization.... ah well... you can customize and reverse engineer anything and everything from hulls to engines to afterburners to weapons. Find a good shipwright and you can really tweak you ship for any playstyle or objective in mind. I used to be a shipwright once. :)


  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    Originally posted by Cypt1
    I didn't see Taikodom on your list (it's a F2P game), so at least visit its website and see what you think:

    This game looks very very interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks for dropping that by. I never knew of its existence until your post.

    As for all the other games every one recommended me.

    Space Quest online is also interesting looking. But even though I'm not too big on graphics, looks like it was done in MS paint and I'm not really a fan of avatars walking around a ship; could care less about that hehe. None the less, looks like a promising game in its own right. Just doesn't appeal to me for now.

    Planetside: I actually was there prior to the launch, watching its development. Sadly my computer didn't have the resources such a game back then, when I finally did. I hear Planetside isn't fairing so well. Same goes for SWG.

    I played Allegiance a while ago. Some thing I didn't like about it, couldn't put my finger on it...

    But thanks for the recommendations every one.

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