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CCR are making NA/EU servers

jimbo833jimbo833 Member Posts: 158


even though the details are in engrish and they seem a bit fishy.


it links back to the offical CCR site so


  • KataalKataal Member UncommonPosts: 156

     I hope it's legit, and I hope they implement the Planet Wars expansion.

  • FraggnumFraggnum Member Posts: 9

    The Second Episode is "RF Online: Crimson Dawn, Part One: Pioneers Of Novus"

    Part Two would follow, "Planet Wars".

  • justai2000justai2000 Member Posts: 6

    well i think its legit.. its nice to hear that RF is coming back don't you think?

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    guys and girls, please do visit the RF global new re-invented site:

    new items, weapons, and other things I'm sure you'll be fond of.

    Please do bear with the CCR team. Eventhough the site is already available, its still under construction. If you find some broken links, buttons not functioning well, Korean words that aren't translated in English, typographical and grammatical error, page not displayed properly, please do inform the concerned people for immediate resolution. CCR are doing they're best to re-pay your unwavering support and effort. Hope to see you all in the beta testing time that's soon to come. Happy viewing RF players. Enjoy your tour. :D


  • ed515ed515 Member Posts: 67

    seems like Open Beta had been postponed past the 6th of December. hmmm...

  • justai2000justai2000 Member Posts: 6

    there must be a reason why CCR delayed the re-launch... im sure they are trying their best to make the game better..

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    yeah right.  lets just wait for further announcement when really the beta testing will start.

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