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Need help finding a new game

JinaexJinaex Member Posts: 44

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a new game to play...

Not WoW.

I'm currently trying out EVE... but it's too boring for me. I'm ready to buy a new ship, got the money, know what I want to do... but I can't because of skills. Worst system ever. Have to wait 6 days before I can get my new ship and there is nothing I can do to work further towards that goal. Then check this... the next ship I'm aiming for after that one I can't get for 80 days because of the skill system. Game should be renamed to WAIT-online

So enough crying. What I'm looking for is:

Game with good PvE content (something like raids at end game)

Care very little about PvP. If it's there or not, I don't care... so long as there is good PvE content

Do not want a mindless grind game - quests and story line is important

Want a game where finding groups is very easy to do (lots of people available to group with)

Do not want a dying game or an outdated game which gets no more updates

Updates - content and bug fixes are important

Crafting - don't care how good or bad it is, I'm not much of a crafter

And here's the tricky part - I need a game that houses an Australian playerbase (and doesn't do maintenance in our peak play times)... There is no point me signing up to a game that has very few aussies and makes grouping that much harder because of my timezone.

I can wait a little while if the game isn't released yet (3 months max)

Also would prefer it if graphics are not cartooney (WoW)

I have been fervently reading all the LF games posts and from what people have been saying my choices are something like... LotR vs EQ II vs AoC... but I'm eager to hear about other suggestions, particularly in the "games under development" field.

Basically if I can't find a new MMO to get my hands on soon, I'm going to give up on MMO's completely and play sc2 or diablo3.




  • willo248willo248 Member Posts: 346

    Guild wars is a brilliant game it has international playing. meaning u can play.There are not a huge number of players in international but more than enauth for groups if u cant find a group u can change to europe district in the district menu. the story line is brilliant with many cutscenes.

    the comunity is brilliant and people are willing to waste there time helping out nobes. If u buy the game I recomend buying the prophecies campaign. i bought this and since then I have bought both the factionjs and nightfall campaign. I still use my prophecies char to play the other campaigns as i found it very hard starting of a new char In the other campaign's.

    U may think on first glance that this game is very short with only 20 lvls but there is a lot to do once u reach this lvl u can progress by getting not diswplayed lvls to get skill points and make youre char better hope 2 cya in game

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