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WANTED: Your top 3 suggestions for improving MMO's?



  • declaredemerdeclaredemer Member Posts: 2,698

    Simple:  I N N O V A T E

    1. More depth (mercenaries that create mercenaries;  farms that produce; NPC workers that create art; player-impact that changes the course of the game)
    2. Character customization
    3. World evolution (the world changes, evolves, not just add an expansion with more continents.  Think of development.  Growth.  Progress). 



    I would also say player-empowerment.  Giving the players the tools to design a city, in-game, and build, say, a tavern, a unique tavern, that is useful.  Player-run, created, and designed hospitals.



    You know, SWG has a lot of features, that if expanded, coudl produce a:

    1. Unique
    2. Fun
    3. Deep MMORPG
  • AntaranAntaran Member Posts: 579
    Originally posted by altairzq

    2) No minimap, no map, no GPS.


    The mini map thing might a new aproach but NO MAP at all? how would you have any reference as to where you are or where you want to go? Even back in the middle ages people had maps. Maps are important as reference or you'll have no way of knowing where to go m8.

    I could be wrong but do you mean the legend on maps and where things are rather than no maps at all?

    having a basic map using FOW that you uncover yourself and you can add bookmarks/notes/waypoints on the map yourself as you find things would be a good feature.

  • altairzqaltairzq Member Posts: 3,811
    Originally posted by Antaran

    Originally posted by altairzq

    2) No minimap, no map, no GPS.


    The mini map thing might a new aproach but NO MAP at all? how would you have any reference as to where you are or where you want to go? Even back in the middle ages people had maps. Maps are important as reference or you'll have no way of knowing where to go m8.

    I could be wrong but do you mean the legend on maps and where things are rather than no maps at all?

    having a basic map using FOW that you uncover yourself and you can add bookmarks/notes/waypoints on the map yourself as you find things would be a good feature.

    Yes, I mean, not having a map in game. In EQ you went to websites and printed the maps the community had created over time. It was very realistic (*). They included later a tool to create your own maps, that was good, but they also put a GPS on it, and spoiled the fun.

     No minimap is not really new, EQ didn't have it back in 1999.


    (*) for the ones that say "lol, realism in a fantasy MMO":  yes, some realism is needed even in fantasy games. Nobody wants to swing a sword and then flowers coming out of it, right? There are players that want more realism and others that want less realism, that's all.

  • galad2003galad2003 Member Posts: 167

    1. Devs pull their head out of their asses.

    2. Stop releasing  bug filled piles of poo.

    3.  Don't get caught up in your own games hype.

  • WickershamWickersham Member UncommonPosts: 2,379

    Developers should think for themselves and not rely on MMORPG traditions to dictate their game design.

    Before you hand something to players understand that your intensions on how they should use it are not the same as how players are going to use it, so think about exploiting and griefing if you don't want them in your game.

    Do not release a game before it is ready for paying customers.

    "The liberties and resulting economic prosperity that YOU take for granted were granted by those "dead guys"

  • altairzqaltairzq Member Posts: 3,811
    Originally posted by galad2003

    1. Devs pull their head out of their asses.


    Golden rule should be above all

  • buckleypermbuckleyperm Member Posts: 13

    1) crafting. proper crafting. So i can draw a design and give it to the crafter (another human player) and he/she be able to build exactly what i want. they need to be able to put there own signature on the armour/weopen as well so that the crafter gets reconition for his/her work. this sorts everyone, crafters get to make unique designs (not the same old piece) and get reckonised for their skill. Everyone else gets to wear armour they like...

    2) ability to choose the skills you want to use.  I.E if you want a tank but you also want one good healing spell or a necromancy spell or maybe a fire/water spell or a good dps skill you pick that skill without geting a nerf with it because your a tank. Or an alchemist skill that allows you to craft potions that work for you. - whatever it is you want...

    3) fix the mechanics of the game so my "twitch" skill with my weapon or a paticular spell dictates how much damage is done. i usually play rangers or hunters so i know how to make this work for ranged attacks, you use some sort of aiming system. one that makes the player take wind terrian and distance into account when trying to hit your target. - i'm not sure how you would do this for melee skills or spell casting though. if anyone could give me an idea on this last one i would appriciate it...

  • nomadiannomadian Member Posts: 3,490

    Yeah echoing some other posts really;

    1. More twitch-based meaning maybe you have to aim that fireball..(this adds more variance)
    2. Less barriers to grouping or social activities.
    3. Less grind; a person enjoys travelling in a mmo till it then becomes a waste of valuable 'grind' time.

  • CamthylionCamthylion Member UncommonPosts: 220

    No levels, No Forced Questing, Better crafting via more customization and more end game features that allow freedom of choice.

  • Thoric485Thoric485 Member UncommonPosts: 525

    #1 Make them more like player controlled virtual worlds and less like multiplayer arcade games with added grind.

    That's about it.

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    To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!
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  • tkobotkobo Member Posts: 465

    1) Purge the industry completely of its so-called "talent".Failed is failed.Time to get people who can succeed.


    2) Scrap the entire tired old design.Classes,access to content limited by amount of players,theme park rides,boring barney and fred combat,etc... Scrap it all


    3)Star out fresh with ....Skill based character advancement ,event based character advancement,choice consequence oriented character advancement,exploration based character advancement,achievement oriented character advancement,faction based advancement,individual player based advancement, etc...


    4) Yea, i know, you said three.But this ones too important...For the sake of every mythical being man has clung to, make combat more player oriented.Make the player control not only his attacks,but also be responsible for his defense.Make the player have to manually block an incoming attack.Define possible locations that can be struck by attacks, and define corresponding locations for a shield to be moved to that blocks said attacks,locations that you move your sword to that do the same,or dodge body wise.

    Slow the actual combat down by circa 1/2 to 2/3 ,but make that time very precious,by increasing the amount of actions  the player has to make his character perform  (reconize the attack threat-where will the attack strike if allowed ?,decide how to try and counter it- use sword and possibly get in a counter attack ?-or use shield and cover up ?, and then try and counter it)in said time.

    Make hits the important event they should be,make defense the important aspect of combat it should be.

    Make it so a single hit can end the battle, but getting that single hit requires effort on the players part, as does preventing said hit occurring to him.

    Fred and Barney combat should be left to the dinosaurs.Its past time to progress.




  • SourajitSourajit Member UncommonPosts: 471
    Originally posted by Aetherial

    Elikal, and I both have threads going that say very much the same thing about the problem with MMO's.
    So, quick input is requested. Briefly describe 3 things you would like to see change in MMO's
    My 3
    1) No more scripted progression of completing senseless quests, dumbed down to the point, where I don't even know *why* I am doing it... I just do it, like EVERY other player... solo.
    2) Bring back a serious death penalty. As I said before, this makes teamwork and cooperation the path of least resistance and brings back the "MMO" into the "RPG". Right now, all we have is cookie-cutter RPG's
    3) Simply, make things more difficult. Make players have to think about how to progress in a dungeon, or where to position themselves in a fight, how to manage aggro, how to pull MOB's and "break" a spawn. These are basic skills in a difficult MMO that can take months to master... and you always have to evolve your tactics. These days I feel like I can complete any quest my level without dieing, ever, if I really wanted to be careful.
    ... what would be your top 3?

    My top three priorities will be like this…….

    1. Community creating game with big dependence on teaming.

    2. Crafting needs to be always profitable and very interesting with materials options through completion of quests. Like getting quest points which can be traded for materials use to craft the best geek armor in game.

    3.Proper balance between different classes and professions so as the system do not make the use of a single class the most advantageous to level.

    Sourajit Nandi

    " Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't play this or that. That's nonsense. Make up your mind,and you'll never whine or repent about gaming hours anymore, then have a go at every Game. Open up the Internet, join in all the Mmorpgs you can. Go make the Guild. But never, never let them persuade you that things are too difficult or impossible. "

    Once An Addict Always An Addict .

  • firefly2003firefly2003 Member UncommonPosts: 2,527

    1 Release MMOs when they are complete and almost bug free (polished)

    2. Remove levels put back in skills train into what you want to, be what you want to be.

    3. Remove the dependency on phat loots and uber gear, no more instant gratification (no raidingk, instances none of that kiddie bullshit.

    I have more...

    4. Unlockable classes, alpha classes, however permadeath must be implemented to keep that class in check , lets say 10 deaths after that then say goodbye to that toon, learn how to use it wisely and know that  profession well and your super toon will stay intact PVP is restricted though for these types of characters in the name of balance

    5. Crafting be all, anything made by crafter will always be better than anything looted.

    6. Type of mechanic to deal with abusive players, lets say we got some 12 yr old cursing you out or a 45 yr old manchild talking smack and a type of filter picks up obscene language or minor language and once those words are picked up by the filter even anything sounding obscene if they try to byp-ass the filter will be red flagged and in the general vicinity if any players wish to they can vote to turn him/her and make them attackable removing the offensive character and dealing with problems effectively and fairly. 3 votes are required to flag him also this type of mechanice could be used to combat gold farmers and power levelers by spamming their wares in MMOs as well.

    7. Explore other genres besides fantasy ( Swords & Magic, Elves, Orks) there are many types of themes MMOs can be created from Sci-Fi (my fav) , Post - Apoclyptic, Gang Warfare, Zombie Apocalypse, Star Wars Space Sim MMO (Not that awful SWG crap either) capital ships twitch based with skills. Modern Warfare, Civil War MMO, and some other known IPs former games to make MMOs based on them.

    8. Stop making MMOs solo friendly and casual friendly dumbing down the game to cater to people that play 2-4 hrs a day. Make it more social friendly, a living breathing world without morons in them see (idea 6 above) stop making games into the Sims where noone does anything but show off their homes and their loots

    9. Stable economies and well implemented like EVE Online where you know how much something is really worth where people dont price gouge others for their own selfish ends. Pricing caps on all items crafted and looted .

    10. More game content balance of PVP and PVE content none more than the other. Rewards for PVP and only PVP bringing back risk vs reward. Stop focusing on uber graphics for only people that can afford top end computer and bring fail to the game like AOC, Graphics should always take a backseat to content coming before anything above all else.

    I got more but these are some of my ways to improve MMOs thats it for now.

  • SwampRobSwampRob Member UncommonPosts: 1,003
    Originally posted by Vidir

    1. Add more content for small groups and solo players.
    2.Improof loot reward for small groups and soloers.
    3.Instant traveling to places you allredy visit.


    These are great for me.   Let me change number 2 a bit, though:

    2.  Make any loot attainable by a raid also attainable in a small or solo group through alternate means.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,272

    1) Dynamic Content

    2) Level/Skill based hybrid progression system

    3) More involving combat.

  • Swiftblade13Swiftblade13 Member Posts: 638

    1) this would take a miracle.. but...  either eliminate grinding somehow, or come up with a totally new kind of grind that would be fresh and new.

    2) strongly encourage grouping

    3) have a really strong plan for end game so there is a point to leveling up.

    MMO addict in recovery!
    EQ,SWG preCU,L2,EQ2,GW,CoH/CoV,V:SOH,
    Aion,AoC,TR,WAR,EVE,BP,RIFT,WoW and others... no more!

  • DreamagramDreamagram Member Posts: 798

    My 3 will be for the developers, not for any game in itself:

    1. Budget for a realistic customer number.

    2. Be up front and very clear about what gameplay, features and audience you target for, so you don't attract sad people who'll later be known as "haters".

    3. Balance creativity with realism in your development team.

    What should the games contain or improve? Doesn't matter. If we get enough developers to actually manage to launch well, we'll have all the games with different features we could ever wish for.

  • pencilrickpencilrick Member Posts: 1,550

    1)  Harsh death penalty (saying 10% to 20% penalty for dying, and corpse recovery to get your gear).  Should even be a chance to de-level if experience drops enough. 

    2)  Very few, but very important and difficult quests (perhaps class quests for epic items).

    3)  Racial starting areeas.

    4)  Open world that is very dangerous to travel across.

    5)  Soloable gameplay IF a player is very careful.  Players should want to group for survival.

    6)  Distinct zones with zone chat for community building.  Anytime a character dies, it gets announced to the entire zone ("Bob was killed by an Orc").

    7)  Trains (i.e., mobs aggroed by Group 1 can aggro anyone else on their way back to their spawn point.

    8)  Limited porting.  Perhaps only certain caster classes can port.

    Essentially, the above is the old EQ model, which married with faster combat and smoother graphics and game mechanics would make for one awesome game.




  • ganbeeganbee Member Posts: 233

    1 suggestion(always worked)

    1. Something New, hang on got more to that! Every MMO I like has offered some a little different,: Vehical combat,mounts,good crafting system,spaceships(in a different way than we are used too),styles of combat that you control so you know the other player is not cheating, and lastly basically taking a first person game elements and putting them in an MMO format. Wheather they be sieges or I like too see that in an MMO! Player owned stores(SWG), Neocron don't get me started how cool that game was, to even WOW they may have taken off of WAR, but let's face facts, War missed the money train! All of these games I loved but if they clone them I will not play! The vaporware king is DarkFALL, If it promise's and deliver, well you will not see me for awhile!

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