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Duel System

If you want to find out who is stronger between your buddy and you, what would you do? Fight against each other under the PK mode and get internecine? Not necessary. Now the Alliance gives you two another option: Duel mode!

If you want to PK with any other player peacefully, switch to the Duel mode and choose your opponent. After the target player accepts, you can PK each other within a specific small area.

During this process, you can use any skills available (including weapon skills and Overdrive skill) as long as you can defeat your opponent. Nevertheless, both of you may be attacked by all the surrounding enemies.

Click on the 'Quit' icon if you want to surrender. Escaping from the specific area will be considered as surrender, too.

After the duel, all your attributes will be back to normal and your PK points will not be increased as well.



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