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Help me pick out a game.

dlunasdlunas Member UncommonPosts: 206

I need something to occupy myself until I can afford to upgrade.  I'm playing on an old junker until I can fix my slightly better one. 

The specs on the junker are  1.6GHz  256Megs RAM  onboard video.  Not much to work with, I know.  Age of Armor looked promising, but there's a lot of people saying it's horrible.

The slightly better one has 768RAM, same processor speed, and a 64Meg video card(assuming I can get the card back from the friend to whom I loaned it)  But I may end up having enough to get a refurb by the time I can fix that one.

Any suggestions the junker might be able to play?  I'm playing a small bit of runescape, and I'll be digging out diablo 2, but I prefer MMORPGs, preferably F2P, if possible.

Thanks for any help.


  • IchabodCraneIchabodCrane Member Posts: 39

    stick with Runescape for now. If you like how Runescape plays...check out the Darkfall forums. If you turn your settings down to low you could play WoW, but that's P2P.

    Played: Runescape, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • dlunasdlunas Member UncommonPosts: 206 think the junker could actually handle WoW?  Hmmmm...I've been itching to get my rogue up a bit more.  It's not that I *like* how Runescape plays, it's bearable, though.  Silkroad Online doesn't quite work with this thing.

  • dlunasdlunas Member UncommonPosts: 206

    Holy poop, it works.

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