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Have they announced the Keyboard/Mouse controls yet?

I read a while back that the Devs were working on improving accessibility to the controls for players without joysticks. I think they were going to possibly simplify, or refine them somehow. However, I can't find any details regarding how they were going to accomplish this.


  • FarttrollFarttroll Member Posts: 8

    They already have a fully functioning control set for the keyboard. All of the videos released so far (the unofficial ones that is) have been people at various conventions trying out JGE with only a mouse and a keyboard. They all seem to like it, commenting on how intuitive the controls are.

     I do not think there is a published guide for controls due to the good possibility of change through beta to refine it even more. Buuuuuut, from what i've seen it looks very much WSAD and mouse/mouse wheel heavy. And i love it.

  • RenkoRenko Member UncommonPosts: 97

    Massively posted a link on Friday to some Eurogamer Expo footage:

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