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Spanish MMORPGs

CRossettiCRossetti Member Posts: 1

Hi All,

I'm a long time player of MMORPGs (8ish years of EQ, some EQ2, WOW, LOTRO, etc.).  I'm looking for a similar game that is entirely in Spanish.  Basically, I've been teaching myself the language for a number of years and would like to combine my love for MMOs with my desire to immerse myself in the language.  I know WOW was doing a Latin American beta earlier this year, but I have no idea what became of that.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks in advance!


  • GidSlackGidSlack Member Posts: 173

    You might want to check out Regnum Online, run by NGD Studios in Argentina.


    This game though is closer to Dark Age of Camelot, and focuses on Realm vs Realm pvp combat. (Though there is PvE with quests and grinding to level up for the pvp fights).


    However, if your object is to improve your Spanish, then this will probably force you to, as you will have to communicate with your realm mates to fight. 

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