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LOTR vs Vanguard

Cyborg99Cyborg99 Member Posts: 576

Hi, I'm trying to choose between LOTR online and Vanguard. My playstyle:

*I'm all pve so I don't care about pvp .

*Also I'm a graphics gamer and I have the rig to run pretty much any game at max.

* I don't mind raiding/groups and I don't mind runing some of the game solo.

*I need alot of quest because I'm not a huge fan of grinding and I like a lot of depth and content in my games.

*I need polish (smooth animation/combat, minimal bugs/glitches,)

*Community (mature, helpful, nice)


I was going to download the free trials but their massive files so I will just buy one of the disk. I enjoy the LOTR lore so I was first pulled toward lotr online but then I heard Vanguard had stunning graphics so I heard good things about both games so If you could help me choose I would appreciate it

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  • cataphrachtcataphracht Member Posts: 50

    I think that lotro isn't far off vanguards if not better then vanguards graphics, so don't let that sway you, Both have sttrong points and weakness but 2 of the better looking mmorpgs. 

    For me Lotro ran more smooth as well definately a great game but personally somethings missing in it, and I think it's all got to do with the character development it's too limited for my liking.

    With I think 5 classes to choose from and 4 Races (could be wrong) things just didn't impress me so much, I'd say Vanguard is more for me but only because of the diversity in your character.

    However each to their own I know some people absolutely love Lotro and say it's better  then  all of them, So if your mind's set is at lotro go with it because you won't be missing a lot with vanguards graphics.

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