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The best mmorpg by far.

o0Panic0oo0Panic0o Member Posts: 39

i found this game. probably my favotite. its called Dream of mirrors online

its a really good game.


-Cute characters. (reminds me of zelda windwaker)

- if your into half animal characters, there is a class which is part fox.

-easy to follow, but not to easy that its boring.

-you can make gold in this game, which does allow you to buy clothing and pets and so on.

-many side add ons (un nessisary but helpfull)


- not to many character selection choices

-although you do have gold,  ap points (which you have yo buy) get you better products

-not the best graphics, but more animation (cute though)


thats all i can think of. but i TOTALY recomend it. its my fav by far.

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