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Help me search the right mmo! future or present

cataphrachtcataphracht Member Posts: 50

I'm looking for a mmo that will keep me occupied for when I'm not working(real life's stressing me out again) , I've played plenty of them before but I had a 2 year break until may this year where I tried age of conan and that wasn't fit to be called a finished mmo.....

My main experience was with EQ2 lineage 2 and myth of soma, I enjoyed them all with everquest 2 being my favourite - but I sold the character and now I'm regretting as there's not a lot of population at the lower levels.

The main kind of mmo I like are like EQ2 and lineage 2 I loved age of conan to level 40, recently I've tried trials of wow, vanguard and ff11 while theyre ok, it doesn't feel like I'm going to enjoy playing them more then normal games reason being is wow is just too simplified, vanguard feels empty :( as I liked the idea and ff11 I don't like the whole control system it feels awkard.

So I'm wondering as I've mentioned most of my favourite type of  mmo's, is there any future or present mmo's that would suit my tastes: immersion, content, fluff, economic, combat- character development, socializing - grouping making friends.

Also I've heard great reviews about Aion & darkfall can anyone recommend if they think I'd enjoy any of them from the above information? 




  • JackRandomJackRandom Member Posts: 6

    honestly... its rather difficult to tell what games you would like and which ones you wouldnt. because it seems, to me, like you just hang on to "whats hot" at the moment, and stick to releases which is new.

    though if you had a smaller repertoire of older games, no matter if its mmos or not, i would have been able to help.

    but ill try to help anyway, as best as i can.

    Darkfall... is if you really like roleplaying games, especially if you liked games like Ultima Online, and Everquest.

    Atlantica Online... quite inventive game.. if you liked games like Final Fantasy Series or perhaps Heroes of might and magic.. not FFXI, with a good twist of mmo.

    Stargate Worlds.. not really suggesting it, unless you are a fan of the Stargate TV-show, but it should have an ever expanding world, but lets see, myself i hope its gonna be less boring than the videos i have seen so far from it.

    Warhammer Online... a game much like World of Warcraft, and still so different, when you get deep enough into it.

    besides of those.. there are alot of really good free mmorpgs out there, you can try, though must of them require alot of grind. like:

    Rappelz, Nostale, Maple Story, Perfect World

    for my last 5 cents. ill just mention a game, that offers the good feeling of a real old school game:

    Seyken - mmorpg, not alot of players, but good, friendly and helpful community.

    i hope this was of any use :)

  • AntaranAntaran Member Posts: 579

    From your post i can get a rough guess that your not into "simple" MMOs, and because of this your gonna be stumped like a lot of us are m8..

    Current MMOs worth a try (i've tried em myself)

    City of Heros/Villains = simple game, still has a lot of players, good to pass time.

    Lord of the rings online = simple game, good story based, lots of players, good PvP, too many bloody raiders  lol

    hmmmm  now i'm stumped....

    Future MMOs and MMORPGs

    Darkfall = Medieval sandbox, most likely will play out a mix of EQ2 and SWG (pre-NGE), damn excellent sounding features (ignore the trolls as they don't read  about the game before posting anything)

    Star Trek Online = hard to describe this one really, other than to say imagine yourself being in Picard or Kirk's shoes and you got it, plus main focus is supposed to be exploration not combat.

    Star Wars : The Old Republic = KotOR online, heavy story based, heavy character customisation based, other than that no more real info.


    hope this helps out m8.

  • TrashcantoyTrashcantoy Member Posts: 827

    try the free version (classic version) of Anarchy Online, has a steep learning curve but u might like it, its worth a try

    MMOs currently playing: -
    About to play: Lord of the Rings Online
    Played: Anarchy Online (alltime favorite) and lots of f2p titles (honorable mentions: 9Dragons, Martial Heroes, Dekaron, Atlantica Online)

  • cataphrachtcataphracht Member Posts: 50

    Thanks a ton for all your suggestion guys, I think waiting for darkfall is my best bet or Aion at the rate of how things are going I think it's about time I designed my own mmorpg lol  

  • MatutinoMatutino Member UncommonPosts: 64

    Try Atlantica Online.

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