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Change of Pace

dsulli1410dsulli1410 Member Posts: 45

Thought I'd through this out there just in case there are other folks like me around.  After playing a bit of WAR and getting pretty run down on most computer games and the industry in general, I took a look at what had become of the table top world and discovered that it is still alive and well.  I'd never played any in my life (35 years), but I've decided that it would be nice to "unplug" a bit and do something different.  I picked up the new Warhammer 40k starter box and working on painting up my first mini Ork army and I'm having a blast!  Although I do keep eyeing the Warhammer Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings, just may have to pick up their books and give them a read through.  Anyway, just thought I'd share an option that I'd recently stumbled upon to help me fill my need for something new to do.  

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