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A date with TOP COSPLAY

gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

Ever dream of princes and princesses?

Ever imagine yourself as a hero or heroine?

Ever felt that your dreams were better than life?

When you strongly favor one character, it’s possible to start acting like that character. That is what we call Cosplay. Not only copying the styles and fashions, but also their verve and charm.

We will be breaking the traditional mode and moving the COSPLAY stage to the IGG network. Join us , by uploading your COSPLAY Video or photo works onto your BLOG at ( to let everyone appreciate your work. Come and join us!! We have prepared some surprising rewards for you, Don’t miss out this opportunity!

Event Duration:

October, 24th --- November, 26th

Event Rules:

1.Entrants should activate their BLOG on ( )before taking part.

2.Choose Tales of Pirates under the BLOG category of the COSPLAY Contest. Click here to see how to get to the Tales of Pirates BLOG, simply follow the directions.

3. The theme of your COSPLAY work should be related to Tales of Pirates, either video clips or photos. Upload them onto your BLOG at (

4.After completing your work, create a post in the forum to paste your BLOG address. Please, no spamming.

click here and join in

5.The content of your work should be healthy, and focused on ToP.

6.If there is any obscene, or off topic posts or replies, they will be deleted.

7.The COSPLAY costumes, make-up, and sculptures are all on entrants behalf.

8.IGG reserves all rights to final judgment of this event.

Selection Criteria:

Officials will choose the 3 best original works to win the COSPLAY Talent Award.

Event Rewards:

COSPLAY Talent Award*3: Obtain a New Apparel set (choose 1 of the 3 sets available), Refining Jade*1 (choose of the 3 jades available), Fairy ration*99, Equipment Catalyst*5 and Equipment Stabilizer*5.


If you have any suggestions for our BLOG, please leave your messages on our forum.

Source: TOP Forum




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