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Scenario Opinions...

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  • PangaeaPangaea Member Posts: 434

    And this one.


  • PangaeaPangaea Member Posts: 434

    I mention this cause I feel that Order will Like Open RVR much less than destro will.

    The upside of Scenarios.(exp and renown not included)

    1. Designed to provide EVEN population on each side . 10vs 10, 15 vs 15.
    2. Fast and convenient to get too. no flying, walking no time looking for contested areas.
    3. You can experience a variety of different challenged. not the typical (hey kill everyone until you get to the lord), you get flag caps, bauble runs, cap and hold, a variety of different challenged that I find more refreshingb than the "kill that lord, done"

    The down side of Scenarios

    1. Takes away from Open World areas (RVR and PQs)


    Up Side to Open RVR

    1. MASSIVE battles, long ongoing keep seiges that require a great amount of cooperation.
    2. Roaming lakes to train or kill roamers.
    3. Rewards and influence for your zone.. and great gear from lords.

    Down side of Open RVR

    1. Team balance issues. Server population will be KEY here. I don't think Order has any idea what is in store for them when Open RVR becomes the :"THING TO DO" When they see they are outnumbered 3 to 1 on most servers they will run away from that lake.. and be demoralized into doing scenarios where a more even test of skill can be seen.
    2. Battles can result in long long stale mates with no rewards being made unless one side either wins or looses. (not for casual players if you don't have 3-4 hours to take a WELL defended city. And you miss out on gear.


    I think scenarios is for that people who LIKE Scenarios

    If So many people think RVR is the best thing.. why aren't they playing it. It make no damn sense why people MOAN about RVR and yet they themselves chose scenarios (because they are more rewarding)

    meaning "Hey I am a Fan of RVR, this game does RVR so damn well, it sucks that Scenarios are killing it, but me myself are doing scenarios cause I chose to do the LEAST fun more MOST rewarding thing"

    Those people are playing the game to "level' not have fun.

    Experience and Renown should be on the back burner for those people that "just want to have fun"

    its Ironic, hypocritical, and its your own fault if you are pigeon holing yourself into something you dont like.



  • BodeusBodeus Member Posts: 516

    I think scenarios are fine and much more easily accessable and manageable for those with limited time. I do however think they need ot imrpove RvR and make it more fun and rewarding.

    PS I wouldve asnwered your poll but I play order and destro and enjoy both sides.

  • madstoogmadstoog Member Posts: 132

     Population is killing RvR on my server.

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