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RF closing, which game are you switching to?

MaggotscreamMaggotscream Member Posts: 284

As title says. Which game are you changing too once the servers go down?


  • Munkyman1Munkyman1 Member Posts: 221

    Already moved over to WoW with my brother.  Will be leaving alot of fun times and people behind im afraid.  To bad codemasters really ruined it for states.  RIP RF...appreciate the good times. 


    p.s.  Ill be on Blackrock now and after WotLK. Horde side!

  • MaggotscreamMaggotscream Member Posts: 284

    WoW has weak PvP.


    Any RF players know of other games similar to RF? with heavy focus on PvP?

  • einexileeinexile Member UncommonPosts: 197

    I'll continue playing my damned game, thank you very much. All that's going away on the 10th are the gold spammers, the censored forums, and the empty GM roster.

    einexile the meek
    Vacuos, Winterlong, Vaciante, Eicosapenta
    Atlantean, Tyranny, Malton

  • PokemonTrainerRedPokemonTrainerRed Member UncommonPosts: 373

    I'm looking forward to GW2, Aion and Stargate Worlds.


  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    There's a F2P shooter called Exteel has the sort of same look and anims, haven't gotten around to trying the actual gameplay yet though

    might be worth a look of u r missing the killer bots of rf

  • The_GothessThe_Gothess Member Posts: 10

    I won't be playing any game because RF Online will now be back. bwahhahahhaha. ^^

  • iamconqueriamconquer Member UncommonPosts: 22

    just to tell all who do not know rf online is coming back here is the site.  wooooooooo

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