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Is anybody participating in the Factional Warfare?

gingus418gingus418 Member Posts: 128

The title of the post of article explains it all. Are people active in the Factional Warefar, and if so, how fun is it? I recently resubbed and am considering signing up with the gallente.



  • John.A.ZoidJohn.A.Zoid Member Posts: 1,531

    Factional Warfare was like getting all the retards on the local chat and putting them in one big corp to flame eachother.

  • OrphesOrphes Member UncommonPosts: 3,039

    I find it fun. Maybe the PvP and people are not as "good" as in other corps. (I wouldn't know anyway, only been NPC corps.)

    But you can jump in and out when you feel to to fight others. Like for instance be a weekend warrior :) There is lots of gangs and fleets going on at Villore -> Old Man Star. In OMS you'd be expecting to meet larger groupings, but you can occasionally spot other wartargets in other systems aswell.

    I'm so broke. I can't even pay attention.
    "You have the right not to be killed"

  • FluterExFluterEx Member Posts: 7

    I used to fly around in 0.0 and then returned to lowsec just to try ou Factional Warfare and its actually a lot more fun than the usual 0.0 blob warfare.

  • DonTrumpDonTrump Member Posts: 104

    Give ya some idea there is 225 logged in right now in the Caldari militia 3:18 eve time monday morning.

  • x_rast_xx_rast_x Member Posts: 745

    I'm having fun in FW.  It's pvp without the committment of 0.0 life, and you can stil operate freely in highsec (well, friendly highsec anyway).

  • FischerBlackFischerBlack Member Posts: 573

    Ive done a fair bit of FW in the second half of this year and have found it to be a lot of fun. Its easy access PvP with no strings attached. You can contribute in just about any size ship and only have to risk what you feel comfortable with. Ive seen everything from frigs right up to a MS in FW battles.

    The only downside imo is that the FCs are on average lower quality than you would get in 0.0 alliances, and given the PUG nature (and the typically shitty ship setups) of the FW fleets a lot of interesting strategies are out of the question - it is generally just plain vanilla warp in and pew pew type stuff.

    The reward and mission system could do with a bit more love but overall its a fun and easy way to rack up a kill list.

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