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PlaneShift Google Tech Talk

UtMoonUtMoon Member Posts: 99

Greetings. One of the members of the PlaneShift development team has been given the honor of speaking at a Google tech talk. The person in question is longtime PS developer Keith Fulton (otherwise known as Vengeance), who is responsible for a large amount of the PS code.

See the talk here: PlaneShift Google Tech Talk

The video is 59 minutes long, and briefly covers most points of PlaneShift development. If you have ever been interested in the inner working of the PlaneShift team and the structure of our client and severs (in brief), this is a good opportunity to learn about it.

I changed my mind. PlaneShift is not worth the time.


  • HiraghmHiraghm Member Posts: 39

    o moon.


    I wish I could have attended to ask a couple questions.


    "If you have ever been interested in the inner working of the PlaneShift team"

    I once was interested, but had that interest beaten out of me, so to speak.

    When referencing "Planeshift team", inner working appears to be an oxymoron.


  • HiraghmHiraghm Member Posts: 39

    You think just asking questions is rude? What, you work for the Obama campaign?


    I've been told that mysql is too slow to use for MMORPG development, yet Planeshift is using it. One of my questions would revolve around this point, such as, "Did you find any problems with MySQL being fast enough for your needs, and if so, in what regard, and what steps did you take to alleviate it?"


    If questions like that are rude, why have a speaker? Or why not more accurately portray it as an infomercial.

    And if only smart people could go to these things, why was anyone associated with Planeshift there... like, say... the speaker?


    You wanna trade barbs, I'm your huckleberry. I've been reasonably polite thus far, simply because it helps demonstrate the general mindset of the Planeshift acolytes.


  • HiraghmHiraghm Member Posts: 39
    Originally posted by Tuxide

    I don't know where you get that from, but whatever. MySQL is free.
    Seriously though, you're behaving like a 12-year-old. If I was to present tomorrow and you were there, then I would probably have you kicked out of the room if you were to behave like you are now. It is just a courtesy to the speaker; asking questions is fine but being rude to the speaker is not.


    I'm no more behaving like a 12-year-old than you are, Tuxide.

    I'm quite aware that MySQL is free; I run a MySQL server. Its pricing status is irrelevant to what I was saying or asking. I was told it's too slow for MMO development, in a discussion with a developer about a book in which MySQL was promoted as part of an MMO engine. They've used MySQL for PS; I figure Vengeance would be a good opinion to get on the subject.

    Apparently you *are* an Obama supporter; they can always be identified by their insistance that any criticism or serious questions are automatically some kind of personal attack. Also, saying that someone is "...behaving lik a 12-year-old" is an ad-hominem, not a counter-argument.

    If you were tor present tomorrow, I probably wouldn't want to attend, unless you're one of the core engine developers who could answer my question about MySQL. And I'm not certain that you or any of the PS development team is deserving of courtesy. Courtesy doesn't seem to be a strong suit for the PS team.

    Just because I have a low opinion of the PS development team as a whole (with reason, in my opinion), doesn't mean that my questions would be illegitimate or, as you imply, childish.

    Who spent weeks in another MMO creating fake bank characters and arguing about their names, then chortling about it in the PS development channels on IRC? Wasn't me.

    I don't represent the PS development team, so even if I chose to behave as a 12 year old here, that's my prerogative. What's your excuse?


  • VengeanceVengeance Member Posts: 5

    Generally Mysql is viewed as an extremely fast database which has problems with high concurrency environments. The PS server has a grand total of 1 connection to this database, so concurrency is not an issue for us.  Hence, Mysql is a pretty good choice for us.

    That being said, we used Mysql in 2002 because it was free, available on all platforms and easy to code for.  We have a plugin architecture for our database connectivity, so if someone were to want to run their own instance of PS using Postgres or Oracle or whatever, they could do so fairly easily.

    Also, I should point out that we are very aggressive about preloading and precaching any and all reference data when the server starts up.  This keeps querying at runtime to a minimum, because the reality is that ALL databases are too slow to keep up with an MMO server at some level.

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