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Asda Story is a Virus!

Dragonking60Dragonking60 Member Posts: 145

Ok, I wasted a good amount time downloading/updating to see what Asda had to offer when suddenly things finish and I click the "Launch Game" button. My computer then proceeds to finish the nprotects update, and then the windows disspears, random process which were actually core processes for window stop responding and soon my computer shuts. At first I though this was concidence but it happens over and over everytime I run the game. Please help me.



  • MuffinStumpMuffinStump Member UncommonPosts: 474

    Most likely an anti-virus conflict or simply a bad download if all else is ok on your computer. If you only get a problem at game launch, start there.

    Look at the Asda forums. Perhaps they have a quick solution or perhaps there are others with a similar problem.

    If they even have a tech/troubleshooting forum. Hmmmm, look here maybe--

    Good luck (not to make you paranoid as I seriously doubt it is a virus but I believe I remember some malware claim about Asda a while back) might want to check out those claims while you are hunting around

  • ragnawindragnawind Member Posts: 1

    If you have an antivirus program like Trend Micro Antivirus disable it and try. You can also try disabling any firewalls on your computer. If you are using Windows Vista Make sure the game can run on it.

  • Silas26Silas26 Member Posts: 51

    I use a Windows Vista.

     I just downloaded the game, played a while, and everything seems perfect.

    No weird lag, downloading problem or getting game shutted out of nowhere, my AV IS NOD32 btw.

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