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1.03 Patch Quirks, and Tips.

So I installed the 1.03 patch this morning. And I am on an older 9700 ATI Radeon with 128 megs of Ram.

When the game initially was launched I got a "Application error: Program will termine"

The same error I get on integrated video cards that don't support Pixel Shader 2.0 properly or fast enough.

So it led me to believe that this had to do with the Shader change in the patch (the optimize shader caching)

So I went into my Warhammer folder and deleted EVERYTHING in the cache folder. The Cache folder holds alot of shader information. And that old Shader information seemed to be causing the conflict cause once I cleared the cache folder the game loaded again without a problem and was running smoother than it ever did on my older video card.

I hope this works for some of you if you get this problem

I am impressed with the amount if effort Mythic is pouring into this game all within a month of release.

I am resubbing not only cause I think the game is fun. But to promote and reward this type of behavior from a company. Regardless if you think it was rushed or not. The game is seeing regular updates and the company listens. That is something most other MMO companies out there don't do.

Thanks Mythic.


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