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[H] Emerald Dream US- now recruiting for Wotlk

KieraEDKieraED Member Posts: 1

<Eternal Solace> is now recruiting for Wotlk. If you are a serious player looking for a fresh start or a new home we want you. We have played WoW since stage 2 closed beta for "vanilla wow", back in the day when "plainsrunning existed" and URBS was the big dungeon you took 39 of your friends to. We have been around a long time and are not going anywhere anytime in the near future. If you want a stable guild where the people are the focus give us a shot, you won't be dissapointed.

Guild Info: Our core group has been together for 5 yrs since playing Star Wars Galaxies together before moving on to WoW in closed beta in 2004. We transferred to Emerald Dream last October (2007). Due to some rl restraints we played pretty casual the past year but are looking to crank it up a notch with Wotlk.


Vent: yes we have a working vent server.

Roleplay: We aren't hardcore roleplayers. Some of us do some light rp on the side but nothing serious. However being we are on an rp server we ask that all our members respect the other roleplayers on the server.

PVE Raiding: Our tentative raid schedule is as follows. Tues and Thurs 8pmEST-midnight and Sunday mornings 12pmEST-3pm. This of course is subject to change but we are shooting for 3 nights of progression raids. There will be a set raid roster and a "bidding" dkp system. We will know more about that as we get further into the expansion. We are serious about raiding and were a top Naxx guild on our server before BC came out. We also plan on doing an "achievement night" as a guild to go back and re-visit old Azeroth dungeons (and BC dungeons) so we can all knock out some of the new achievements coming with Wotlk.

*Off-spec's will not be dismissed in this guild unless they seriously interfere with raid progression. We select raid spots based on three criteria, DPS, Tank, Healing. As long as you can perform your task with your off spec and not impede our progress you will be welcome on raids.

PVP: All of us come from strong pvp roots. We have been a force in every game we played in on the battlefield. While we believe pvp in WoW leaves a lot to be desired we plan on building some top arena teams and running organized premade BG's. We also will do some organized world pvp events.

Rebuilding status: We are currently re-building this guild as a lot of our members have quit gaming. We have some returning with Wotlk but are looking for some fresh new faces to kick of the expansion with. We have several officer positions available and are open to talking with other small guilds to absorb into our ranks. So this is a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting guild.

Server: Emerald Dream is an RP-PVP server. We picked an rp-pvp server for the mostly mature player base. We haven't been dissapointed with our decision to move here. There is plenty of world pvp, fast que's for bg's and experienced players.

If you're interested in joining us visit our website at or contact either myself or Korivar in game.

*terms and conditions below do apply

Do Apply

-want a guild where loyalty and teamwork come first.

- want to have fun.

-want to form new friendships

-want to experience all aspects of the game

-want a dedicated, knowledgeable guild

Do Not Apply

- are under the age of 18

-think a guild is awesome for power leveling

-think talking about Chuck Norris is cool

-are not lvl 70

-have "pwnd" or "dizzle" anywhere in your name

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