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[Alliance] HOUSE OF MERCURY Recruitement

The House of Mercury is a small alliance with big ambitions. Our central vision revolves around industry and trade - to be a premier force in these areas across all parts of New Eden. We consider it fundamental that we will be agressiv with anything threatening our profit. House of Mercury is looking to expand our family with ambitious corporations and pilots ready to work towards something bigger than themselves individually.

We are searching in particular for younger corporations with ambitious leaders, who want to join something that is in the process of being built, with a lot to do in all areas (industry, military, diplomacy). The House of Mercury will work actively with these new pilots, forming friendships and helping them to face new parts of Eve.

We are:
- An ambitious empire alliance (we have to start somewhere)
- A core industrialist family (a lot of industrial projects at an alliance lvel)
- Strongly supportive of a military formed from our memberbase

We are looking for:
- Young corporations (between 1 and 6 months) with leaders who take their responsibilities seriously

- Corporations who want to join a difficult project at the beginning

- Corporations with industrial ambition, but also with the spirit to fight and defend what they work for. We must not rely on others for our own protection

- Corporations willing to commit completely to our government structure

If you are a single pilot and you fit with the description above, you should join our public channel 'House of Mercury' in game and contact our corporations, who will be happy to hear from you.

Older corporations:
We are not against bigger and older corporations: they are welcome. But we have a plan of development which includes growing a generation of the family. Corporations and alliance must grow together, that is our philosophy.

Our members come from several timezones, We are a multilingual Alliance, a lot of mercurians are not native english - though all official communications must be in English

For More information please join the ingame channel : HOUSE OF MERCURY.

or contact us via our forum :


Concordant Minister
House of MErcury

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