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How to get rich easily???

repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

Any idea on how to get rich easily in the game??? my gold is currently 2M.. but it take me a long time to come up with 2m.. im just doing quest and vending my loots.. any other ways to get rich???



  • nywlanasnywlanas Member Posts: 334


    the thread says that there's an mpc named howard appraising cultural treasures. said howard buys them for 600,000 each.

  • williamgeowilliamgeo Member Posts: 2

    People who do not want to do a 9 to 5 job but would prefer to work from home there are a lot of business ventures which can be run from home to make some easy money. You can turn any of your hobbies into money spinners and enjoy the work which will also bring in easy money. If you have a green thumb and some garden area for propagating plants you could have a home nursery.



  • gameadiksgameadiks Member Posts: 120

    repapips.. what is your level? you can buy and sell stuff... like open the box material box.. then sell the item inside of it.. you can earn millions.. ^_^

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    The easiest (and earliest) way to make great money is to buy about 10-15 beginner books (well any cheap books you can find, usually hex of darkness is good). Then find Goncourt (use Livingstone just west of Bucharest). Right-click on Goncourt and hit "Follow". While your character follows him (you won't follow him while you're in his menu), exchange him the books you get. Each time you exchange a book to him you have to pay him 1000 gold. Everytime you exchange a book you will recieve either a Modern, Medievil, or Ancient Book Box. Ancient is generally the best, and you will want to open the Modern and Medievil boxes to exchange them again.

    Once you've exchanged your cheapo books you bought into all Ancient Book Boxes, go to a town(preferably while goncourt is walking by one), and open up your ancient book boxes. Check each book you get against the going market price of Ancient Book Boxes (some just sell the boxes, but you make more money selling the books). Generally the boxes go for around 150k on most servers, If any book you have is worth more than that (I sold 2 Warcry [Adv] for 75 million) you put on the market. Anything less than that you can recycle back into your exhanges with goncourt.

    Generally with just 20-25 books you will spend around 150k exchanging them into ancient books that are worth enough to put on the market. Also you can only Exchange with Goncourt 200 times each day (I think that's right, I know you can only open 300 boxes, and I know that your exchanges per day is lower than that).

    Don't be discouraged if you don't get any good books, one good book will cover your cost of the books, exchanges, and payment to the market.

    With Goncourt there isn't a way to actually lose money if you use him in the fashion I explained. However, this will take up pretty much all your spots on the market. If possible get a guildmate to help you transfer them to an alt, as you can't send mail to another character on the same account, this doubles the amount of books you can have on the market at a single time. Goncourt will most likely be your best bet when it comes to money making before level 91. If you do not have the space in your market (I highly suggest you don't) you can sell the boxes themselves on the market for smaller profit. The main money is from books though. If you complain about money after getting a Warcry [Adv] or some other super high priced books (requiem is another good one), then you want to spend way too much money hehe :)

  • BurnRubberBurnRubber Member Posts: 67

    try buying equipment boxes and opening them, you'll have a chance to sell it in the market in a much higher price...i one bought a divine armor box worth 4mil, opened it and sold an item worth 10mil :) you can try treasure hunting too. try buying an ornate treasure map and locate it within 5minutes. you'll usually get items you need, or if not, its worth selling...i once got 3 cultural boxes(which, when opened, can be exchanged to howard)and one of the items was worth 2M. sometimes you'll get growth vials(which i still need) and licenses which will be helpful in the game and good for selling too.

  • ReanemeikoReanemeiko Member Posts: 183

    Have you tried to exchange beg books to Goncourt? it might help you to earn gold... Goncourt exchange the book to a adv book that causes for almost 35m like Warcry Adv.

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  • vonkeitzvonkeitz Member Posts: 166

    they say free league can make you rich by selling the atlantica coins. and you can also enhance your battle strategy too

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    Free league really is the most fun way, I think to make money. Even if you are terrible at it, like me, (my W-L record is 160-200), you still win a fair amount of matches simply because a) you're higher level (you'll get bumped down to a lower division), b) many people simply AFK through them, c) Doppleganger fights (sometimes you lose, but generally speaking, they are easier since they are random). d) RMT botters (sometimes they do FL for some reason. They tend to suck badly)

    And even if you lose, you gain money. Not as much, but it does add up. And you gain battle points, which you can trade for a 7 day merc license, which sells for 4-6 million (at least on my server).

    I'm sure Gouncourt is more profitable, but also a lot more like work. Opening boxes, trading them in. And the chances of getting a WarCry or other highly expensive book are pretty low.

    And actually, while waiting for my next match, I usually open up all my material boxes. That's also profitable. A lot of people just ignore them, but if you open them up, you can get some pretty decent stuff.

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  • pwetnatinpwetnatin Member Posts: 4

    woah! now i know. :D this is really informative for a noob like me. :D thank you guys!

  • plescureplescure Member UncommonPosts: 396

    cheers for all the info guys. im gonna try it all :)

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  • HELL_RISERHELL_RISER Member Posts: 11

    thats stupid and it doesnt work on most people.

    You wanna get "rich" fast, then sell drugs

  • ReanemeikoReanemeiko Member Posts: 183

    To add more in Free league you can exchange your battle points to Pointry then he will give you a Warrior sign as an exchange then that warrrior sign cost 150k each.. 25battle points = 1 warrior sign. example: 1k battle points=40warrior sign =6m


    *** Atlantica Online***Reanemeiko*** Mycenae

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  • BurnRubberBurnRubber Member Posts: 67

    easy money...hmmm...i guess the easiest way to get rich is thru arena betting. with a little luck and calculated predictions, you'll earn millions in no time. although its quite risky, you can be broke in few minutes too. but if you're a gambler, here's your field :)

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222
    Originally posted by Reanemeiko

    To add more in Free league you can exchange your battle points to Pointry then he will give you a Warrior sign as an exchange then that warrrior sign cost 150k each.. 25battle points = 1 warrior sign. example: 1k battle points=40warrior sign =6m



    Yeah, but if you convert those points to 7 day merc licenses, you do even better.

    At least on Thebes, they tend to sell for 4-6 million each. So for 1000 battle points = 2 7 day merc licenses =  8-12 million.

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • elit3gam3relit3gam3r Member Posts: 186

    i usually bet in arena but its really a gamble and most of the time a used to go to a fre league and then go to hanyang to sell my COPPER Coins lol ^^

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