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Post Your IGN pics and tell us something about it.

YuramikoYuramiko Member Posts: 176

Since I'm the one who created this thread, I'll be the first one to post my In game picture. So here it goes.


Well, I just started playing Atlantica Online so obviously you'll see my character as a low level being. What I like the most of about this game are the mercenary system. My IGN name was Georgina, taken from one of the most popular shows that hit television, Gossip Girl. I'm currently playing on Mycenae Server, I have already met some good friends, they even asked me to join their guild, but I told them that I wasn't that quite ready to be on a guild.

Here are some Mercenary Screen shots


You'll truly enjoy this game since of the special effects it offers, it is a user friendly game that you won't be confuse on how to play the game. Yes. there might be time that you'll ask question on how to do this and how to do that? but in the end you'll find those answers simply staring at you or just one pmed away to another player.


So go on, start those IGN posting

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