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AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

Shouldn't you be out there gaming instead of reading random thoughts by perfect strangers?

Aside from MMORPG being one of the best resources for MMORPGs, I would rather have an environment to explore where the denizens don't care to play so friendly. Perhaps an open field with an African backdrop where a Lion or Rhino might attack me without cause is my perfect beginning.

I'd rather have a lake infested with croc's that must be traversed to reach the narrow opening to the cave,  which leads to the land of gold, on the other side. A place where survival tools are proportionate to the dangers involved, and the exact place where lady luck can deal you something rather uber for your efforts.

I could sit on the edge of a small waterfall. There would be a valley of prehistoric creatures to discover and conquer, if need be. A land where no paths lead to anything in particular, the rough, as they say... that would suit me fine.

I could run across an elite tribe or new civilization who could give me the missing tool for me to further my adventure. I would need to earn the respect from merchants and elders in order to do business with them.

Yes... I could even muster having criminal-like players whom I could refer to as PK'ers. They would only have the advantage of a surprise attack, if that at all.  After traversing that crude and lowly environment, I'd be able to travel to a more sophisticated part of the world where people are more civilized, if that is what I choose, or continue deeper into the abyss of un-civilization.

So... Why am I writing this random thing? Points? Boredom? Glutton for punishment?

Who knows... I think I'm ready to go back to PNP. Afterall, graphics don't mean much these days, nothing compares to the visions in our own mind.


<sigh> I love having nothing to do.

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