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Scenario's are killing this game..



  • EvolvedMonkyEvolvedMonky Member Posts: 549
    Originally posted by reggie

    Scenario's definatelly kill this game.
    I also have the feeling that many, not all , of the people saying their servers are fine and plenty of people play pq's and there's rvr to be found are people who play on a fairly new server where things are fresh still. I think this all depends on how many new players the server populates and how big the amount of beta players is for instance.
    Some servers will maybe stay this active while others once the freshness is gone will become like the rest of the servers where tier 1 to 3 rvr will be virtually non existent, maybe tier 1 empire will for alts.
    Also many say tier4 will be fine. It will not be fine trust me. Sure they will do some keep defense and attacks but in between they will just continue to grind scenario's so most likely skirmishes in the zones will be  a rare thing to see. So rvr wont be what it should be.
    On eight peaks, busy server, i witnessed destruction taking back their keep in avalorn and 1 warband of order, i play order, being present trying to prevent the retake of the keep. This while in the warcamp in averlorn were at least enough people qued for scenario's for another 2 warbands. They refused to participate and just stood there doing nothing.
    All people care about now is lvl asap and expect tier4 to be fun rvr. They are mistaken. All you have to do is look at yourself and realize you will not change, you will always choose scenario's over rvr since scenario's is what gives you way better renown gain, and xp.
    Scenario's definately kill warhammer. New arrivals will be very dissapointed to find out the only thing they have is doing scenario's till rank 40, then grind another 40 renown ranks in scenario's for the endgame.
    And yes pve is way more deserted then it should be. Some zones have some activity but alot do not. People realize the pq gear gets outlvld fast enough if you simply do scenario's so there's less and less need to get pq gear. Besides, why bother to quest with low xp rewards while you get 5 times more in scenario's.
    Scenario's are very bad for warhammer. Not to mention they get insanely boring fast enough. Specially if noone ever ques for any scenario but 1 or 2. Well at rank 40 you will be stuck to playing the same scenario's over and over again for the entire end game. That is if mythic will not fix this issue soon.
    Scenario's might be fun for you now but try to imagine playing the same scenario's for 10 lvls. Then try to imagine once you are rank 40 doing the same scenario's for another 40 + renown ranks. I bet you will get bored very fast. And for what ? Just so you become better to play scenario's again lol ? I want to become better so i can play rvr which is dynamic. Scenario's are just static and you can even run around naked and stil gain xp and renown and accomplish the same thing as you would do with gear on.


    Bored of playing the same map over and over again?  You sure about that. People still play dust and office in CS to this day. Most servers are 24/7 dust.

    PvP is PvP. RvR realms are fun but you cant just camp in those areas or order wont come out.  And theres always players in those areas. Just run to the edge of Orders base and youll usualy find everyone fighting.  

    Theres always RvR in primetime its just its pointless any other time.

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