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Goal Line Blitz (Football Text-based MMO)

wybtwybt Member UncommonPosts: 21

This is not a game i created, just a game i love enough to post it...

This game is basically the Football game you have been waiting for. You basically get to create a player, and train him/her however u want to. You can make a crappy character, or a extremely good one. Another thing that is good about it is that it has a check and balance system that doesn't allow there to be to many Quarterbacks, or Wide Receivers.... Doesn't mean you cant create more but you basically may not get playing time.

The game is fairly new and needs more members (To kick the NPC's out), PLEASE join so that we can all enjoy this lovely experience and hopefully make this game well know... just play for 1 full week[/U] and i guarantee that you will like it.

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