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New QotW -- October 2, 2008 -- Alpha FAQ part 2

BurntvetBurntvet Member RarePosts: 3,465

Split it in 2 parts because of length.... continued from part 1. Enjoy!



Q: My Mission Log is taking up half my screen but I like keeping it open so I know what I'm doing. Is there anyway to make it take up less space?

A: I was having this problem too, and since it appears you can't resize the mission log window, what I did was made it more or less invisible. To do this, right-click on the window and then drag both 'Frame Opacity' and 'Window Opacity' down to 0%. This will make your screen much neater-looking and you will still be able to see your mission log.

Q: Where do I get the book to learn Scavenge?

A: Scavenge does not require a book, you should have the skill automatically. To increase your Scavenging skill level you must scavenge nodes.

Q: Is there any way to speed up Crafting?

A: You can cut down the time required to craft items significantly by crafting the items in the appropriate facility. For example, the crafting time for Zip Gun Ammunition is cut down by around 3 minutes by crafting the item inside a Ballistics workshop. You will receive a message in the chat window telling you that the crafting is being sped up by use of proper facilities. This is really a balancing act as you will lose the time bonus if you leave the building, but you will not be able to do much else inside these buildings. I suggest saving all your crafting for when you log out, and just logging out in the building after listing what you want your character to make.

Q: I have nodes appearing on my map but I can't find them, Where are they?

A: Currently nodes in underground levels are appearing on the minimap when you're above ground. The best option currently is to ignore these nodes, as the entrance to the underground area could be anywhere.

Q: I have mail from 'Lost + Found' -- how do I access this mail?

A: The mail button is located slightly above your health bar on the top left side of the screen; it can be difficult to see but it looks like an open envelope. Click this icon to open the Mail window, then click the mail you want to open. Once the mail is open you can take the item from it by pressing the button which looks like an open box with a green box inside. Over time we’ll be changing things so you can only access mail at mail boxes.

Q: My inventory isn't full but I can't pick up anymore items. Why?

A: To add an element of realism to the game, you need to have the Strength to carry lots of items. This means even if you have plenty of free inventory room you might not be able to fill it all. The base weight you can carry at the moment is 40,000 Grams +500 grams for each point in Strength.

Q: I cannot learn from a mission reward book, but it doesn't seem to have any requirements, is it bugged?

A: Probably not. Currently mission reward books will not display any requirements you need to use the book, so it’s really just guess-work at the moment, unless you go to a merchant and Examine the same book to find out the requirements from them.

Q: I used a recipe to make a glove, but I only have one equipped now. Why is this?

A: When you craft an item such as a glove, shoulder armor or arm armor, it will only create one part of the set of two. You will have to make double the item to fit all slots.

Q: What should I do if the servers crash in the middle of the night?

A: If the servers crash in the middle of the night all we can do is wait until morning. The Dev team does sleep occasionally, so if the servers go down during out-of-office hours we'll just have to wait until they come in to fix it the next day.

Q: How long does a Server Bounce take?

A: Usually they will tell us 20 minutes downtime, but it can take more or less time depending on any problems they run into. Just keep an eye on the announcements thread.

Q: Will there be character wipes?

A: Eventually yes. It’s a bit of a hassle to wipe all the characters, so the Devs will do their best to avoid having to delete all of the characters where possible.

Bug Questions

Q: How do I take screen shots to report bugs?

A: Type /Loc. (If the bug is part of a mission, press J too) then press 'Ctrl + Q' this saves a screen shot in the Screenshots folder in the game directory.

Q: How do I report bugs?

A: If you experience a bug in game you should take the following steps:

Type /Loc. (If the bug is part of a mission, press J too)

Press Ctrl+Q to take a screenshot

Fill in a bug report on the forums and attach the screenshot.

I would suggest closing the game and reporting the bug as soon as possible. This means it will get fixed quicker, or at least that the devs will know about it quicker. Be sure to include the following in your bug report: steps for replication, a good description of what happened, and any other relevant information.

Q: What Does 'Cannot Perform DoAction, Movement Rate 1' Mean?

A: This is a known bug. Solutions so far include pressing 'c' or Typing /stand. Jumping has also been reported to work.

Should these fail, relogging appears to be the only other way to fix it. Remember to file a bug report with your Location and any relevant info.

Q: What does the Dump file contain?

A: The dump file only logs FE's executable stack, no user info, no other programs, hardware info, etc.

Q: I can't log in. What’s going on?

A: If you can't log in it could be one of the following issues:

1. The server has reached its player cap

2. The server is currently down for maintenance

3. The server has crashed

Q: Help! I'm stuck in a rock/bush/rollercoaster/the earth. What do i do?

A: Try jumping. Should that fail try /stand, and if you are still out of luck then /restore. If you are still stuck after doing /restore, report it via the bug report system

Q: I reported a bug but it wasn't fixed in the latest patch. Did I report it wrong? Should I re-submit my report?

A: The Dev team will do their best to fix all reported bugs as soon as possible. Once a bug has been reported and found they will make their fix for it, then it will be tested on an internal server for a week. It should appear in the next patch after this if everything is working with the fix. It could take longer if the bug is quite bad or if the fix makes the game unbalanced.


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