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New QotW -- October 2, 2008 -- Alpha FAQ part 1

BurntvetBurntvet Member RarePosts: 3,465

Part one of an Alpha FAQ released this week.... enjoy!



This week we’ve got something special. By way of apology for last week and folks asking for info from Alpha, we’ve got an Alpha FAQ one of the testers put together for us. The names have been removed to protect the innocent and some older questions that are no longer relevant due to bug fixes and such have been removed. Please bear in mind that this is a glimpse into the nuts and bolts of the Alpha Testing process, and reflects a game that is still being tweaked both creatively and technically.

Combat FAQ

Q: How do I enter combat mode?

A: To enter combat mode you have to press the Tab key or Mouse button 3 (most commonly the middle button)

Q: How can I improve my aim with the Zip guns?

A: I would suggest always entering First person mode while using any ranged weapons. To enter first person mode, move the camera into your character via the scroll wheel. Alternatively, you can enter First person Mode by pressing F9 2 times.

Q: How do I reload?

A: Pressing the R key will reload your Main hand weapon. Currently the only way to reload your offhand weapon is to empty the clip. This is a known issue. One solution for this is manually swapping out your offhand weapon into the main hand weapon slot and reloading, then putting it back in the offhand slot.

Q: Where can I get my first weapons?

A: Your inventory comes pre-packed with several weapons. To Equip them, press 'I' and right-click on the weapon, then select 'equip.' Alternatively, you can press 'I' and 'G' and drag-and-drop the weapons onto the slots in the weapons tab.

Q: How do I use my offhand weapon?

A: Currently the offhand weapon is bound to the right mouse key. When dual-wielding, use both mouse buttons during fights to get maximum effect.

Q: I can no longer use my zip gun because it’s run out of ammo. Where can I get more?

A: You can currently get ammo for your zip guns from several places. You can scavenge for it, which has a low-ish drop rate. The other options are to go to a Ballistics vendor in town and either buy the ammo from her directly, or buy the knowledge to make the ammo and manufacture your own.

Q: Where can I learn special Combat abilities?

A: You can purchase these knowledges from a Combat trainer in town.

Q: How do I swap between currently equipped weapons?

A: Ctrl+Mouse wheel, or by clicking on the weapon directly on your character’s avatar.

General FAQ

Q: How do I Craft Item X?

A: To craft an item you need the following:

The Knowledge (purchased from a vendor)

The required Level

The required Scavenged materials

The required skill level in the Tradeskill

* Before buying ANY books, always right-click and examine the goods. This way you can make sure you meet the level requirements. *

To begin crafting, press 'L' and select the item you want to make. This should open the crafting window and show you the countdown timer indicating the amount of time before the selected item is completed. During this time you can continue about your usual business. It will not affect the crafting.

Currently, due to the memory leaks, people are having mixed effects when crashing while crafting. Most people seem to be losing the mats for whatever they were crafting when they crash out, and their Active Recipes list clears. Some seem to be able to log back in and everything is working as intended. This is of course a known issue, and is being worked out.

Q: How do I get to another town?

A: Personally I suggest walking. You will experience more this way, but there is always the option of using the Bus Stop. Each player can learn horseback riding, and eventually will be able to learn to construct their own vehicles.

Q: How do I increase my Skill in X?

A: To increase your skill you must have AP points. AP points are gained through Missions and by gaining XP. For every little bubble you fill on the XP bar on the top left hand side of the screen, you gain AP points.

To Increase your skill in something like Pistols, press 'V' and go to the Skills tab. Then select the Pistols Skill and press “spend” untill you are happy with the skill level.

To increase your skill in a Tradeskill, you must use the Tradeskill. For example, if you want to increase your skill in Weaponry, you would buy one of the low-level knowledges (for example “Clubs 1”). Then you would craft items from there until your skill increases.

To increase your overall skill level you must spend your AP points on stats. Stats cost 5 AP points to increase.

Q: Where do I learn Geology?

A: The Knowledges for Geology (Mine Coal and Mine Copper) are both found at the Science trainer in town. Please note, Mine Coal is for level 1, while Mine Copper is for level 5's. Be sure you are following the 'Examine the goods before you buy' rule.

Q: How do I open the in-game menu?

A: The easiest way I've found of doing this is by clicking on the little bar at the bottom left of the screen. This will open the menu.

Q: How do I get a World map or Area map up?

A: Press 'm' to open your map, then press the little box on the top left hand corner to view all maps.

Q: How can I move the camera around my character to see how I look?

A:If you hold Alt, and right click, you can move the camera around yourself.

Q: How do I use the Merchants?

A: To buy from a Merchant, open a Merchant window by right-clicking on the Merchant. You will know it’s a Merchant because your mouse will change to a poker chip. Once the Merchant window is open, click on the item you wish to buy, then press “buy.” Alternatively you can double-click the item you wish to buy.

To sell to a Merchant, open the Merchant window and your inventory (press 'I'), then right-click on whatever you want to sell and select 'Sell.' Please note that some items cannot be sold.

Q: How do I send a Tell to another player?

A: Currently the only known method of sending a Tell in game is to press 'O' (as in 'Oh' not Zero) and find the player's name who you want to send the tell to. Right-click on the name and select the option to send a private message. This will then open another chat window near the middle of your screen with the Message you have sent and any replies. This chat window can be bothersome so the best solution is to drag and drop it onto your Existing chat window (the one with Region/Local/Team chat in it). This will stop it popping up everytime you get a message.

Q: I REALLY can't find the needed component for my Crafting Knowledge, Where can I find it?

A: If you REALLY cannot find a component, try the following steps;

1. Ask in Region chat if anyone knows where to get one.

2. Try Harvesting Nodes which require higher than 1 Scavenging/Nature skill.

3. Try the local Merchants

Q: How do I get a Knowledge from a book?

A: To get a Knowledge from a book, you have to right-click the book in your inventory (press 'I') and select Use. Once you use the book it will disappear.

If you have a book in your inventory, you do not have the knowledge until the book has been used. If you cannot use the book, examine it to see if you have all the correct requirements; if you do not meet these requirements, then I suggest putting the book in your vault until you meet them. If you do meet the requirements but cannot use the skill book, report the bug.

Q: If my friend who is level 50 wants to help me do my level 2 missions, will he be able to?

A: Currently most missions have a maximum level of 1000. Only a handful of missions have a level cap at the moment. So, in general, yes.

Q:If I right-click some items in my inventory, I get the option to 'Salvage' -- what does this do?

A: Using this option will destroy the item, and in return you will receive some Salvage material and a small amount of XP. Also, you have to have the knowledge of how to make something to be able to salvage it. (Thanks to Tomb + Morac)

Q:In the Character menu, where I can spend my AP's, there is a tab for factions. What is this for?

A: Currently factions are not available (Faction points will become available in sector 2) but when they do become available you will be able to earn faction points. Once you start earning faction points, you'll be able to declare your faction in one of those bars and the other will show what faction "ranks" you're eligible to display with your name, should you choose to do so.

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