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Gus69Gus69 Member Posts: 30

Hi All,

Just had a wee thought when completing the "Advertisements in games" survey. Would've been good if there was a wee comments box or something incase anyone had the urge to justify their response. Perhaps you could display the top reason for each choice or something.

I know, on that particular post, I wanted to say that I think Adverts are a great source of income for game developers to exploit and but they should do so discreetly. More income for developers can only lead to better games for us, so I'm all for it! ::::18::



  • JodokaiJodokai Member Posts: 1,621

    Imagine a FREE MMO that is paid for by the advertising in game, how cool would that be...well okay maybe not free, but a lot cheaper. I would definatly put up with slight non-invasive advertising if it lowered cost.

    Another question on the surveys: Do the makers of MMO's get the results of your surveys?

  • Gus69Gus69 Member Posts: 30


    In Earth and Beyond they had the "TADA-O, Big Strong WOW!" adverts in certain space stations and at the Tada-O gate raids. Man I loved that advert ::::16::
    Anyway, Imagine it was for a brand instead, don't want to suggest any names as it might get this site in trouble, say it was for "Gus69's Goodtime Emporium. Big Stron WOW!".

    I don't think that would interfere with gameplay and infact would add to the scenery. Although I do think that it would a bit weird watching an advert for a console thats around today in a game based in the future or past.

    Not sure on the results of the survey sorry.


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