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Thinking about coming back

Donutman40Donutman40 Member Posts: 25

I've played EQ2 over the summer and got my Fury up to 42. Recently, ive become bored of WoW, and I don't want to get WAR. I bought AoC at launch, and because that was a major flop, I refuse to buy any MMORPG at launch now. Should I come back to EQ2? Has the population dropped significantly? I don't expect there to be millions, but as long as I don't feel like im playing a single player game I'll be fine.


  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Member UncommonPosts: 611

       I was thinking about playing EQ2 when the new expansion comes out in november.

    I've been too disappointed with what MMO's have come out with lately.


  • Donutman40Donutman40 Member Posts: 25
    Originally posted by Blazer6992

       I was thinking about playing EQ2 when the new expansion comes out in november.
    I've been too disappointed with what MMO's have come out with lately.


    Same here, I'm afraid WotLK will just be a repeat of the BC. I'm sure WAR is extremely similar to WoW. What I miss about EQ2 is staying up until 2 am grinding on giants with a group. I like how EQ2 encourages grouping.

  • DeadlyMageDeadlyMage Member Posts: 543

    no. not mush has changed since summer, but game update 49 comes out soon and will change allot


    During “Raising the Banner” (GU49): A team of dedicated excavators and researchers have begun to uncover a remarkable find in the dunes of Sinking Sands. They have numerous tasks for any recruits willing to help defend the site, excavate relics, maintain their assisting clockworks and provide crafted supplies for the team. They cannot fathom how important this project is and how it is fated to reshape the world of Norrath for years to come!



    Construction of the Guild Halls has been completed. Guilds of qualifying levels can now purchase halls in a variety of locations. Smaller halls can be found in North Qeynos, South Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, and Gorowyn. Medium halls are found in South Qeynos and North Freeport, and large halls are found off the shores of Antonica and Commonlands. Click on the corresponding doors, or mariner bells on the docks, to access these new structures.

    With the work completed on the coastal fortresses in Antonica and Commonlands the involved parties have retired to their cities and the guards have been recalled to the barracks.


    The experience requirements for levels have been significantly lowered primarily affecting the 20 thru 70 level range. Along with the experience changes, the drop rate for Adept I spells has been increased slightly.


    The Invasion of the Vale quest is now a more appropriate level for its difficulty. The Shattered Vale in Antonica now has an escape point inside it.


    Guilds will no longer appear in the guild recruiting list if they don’t have any recruiters online.


    Mentoring other players now grants greater achievement reward for the mentor.

    0-5 level difference: 0% bonus

    6-10 level difference: 50% bonus

    11-20 level difference: 100% bonus

    21-30 level difference: 150% bonus

    31-50 level difference: 200% bonus

    51+ level difference: 300% bonus

    This bonus is only applied to achievement experience gained through combat or loot items, not through quests or exploration.

    Mentors will now receive experience when their apprentice has disabled combat experience.


    Player made house items can now be scaled using shift+mousewheel.

    You can no longer turn auto consume on while using a griffon or sokokar.

    Bayle’s Amulet and the Trinket of the Venerated Fanatic can now be mounted and used as a house item.


    Spells which do not expire have been made uninterruptable. There are some exceptions which include spells which summon pets or have limited uses.


    Divide and Conquer should now properly apply hate to the entire encounter.


    Natural Mask should now gray out when casted.


    The Auspice line should now toggle correctly.


    The Redoubt line should now toggle correctly.


    Thorny trap should now work properly for evil rangers on pvp servers.



    Enhance: Fuliginous Sphere will now work correctly.


    Ward of Sages should now toggle properly.


    Blessings is now toggleable and has a recast of 2 seconds.


    Shadows should no longer disappear unexpectedly.


    The game automatically detects if you have more than one CPU.

    EQII now runs better with more than one CPU.

    There is an option to control whether the game uses multicore mode in the Options Window under Display -> Performance.

    If you're running multiple clients on the same computer you may want to disable multicore mode.

    Setting the multicore option has no effect on machines with one CPU.



    Rare cure potions have been removed and standard cure potions have been upgraded to cure the appropriate levels of effects. This in turn should help reduce some of the demand for dusts.


    With the advent of scalable furniture, carpenters no longer require recipes that make items of different sizes. The following redundant recipes were removed: vale briarwood guest bed, vale briarwood corner bar, small redwood room divider, small purple lilies, small white lilies, tall redwood streetlamp, tall potted redwood streetlamp, embellished rug, eccentric alder chair. Existing items will not be affected.

    Carpenters studying the architecture of Unrest have designed a number of new recipes for furnishings in a similar style, to replace the redundant recipes that have been retired.


    Artisans have designed some new recipes for threadbare and sackcloth vests, and will continue to work on more vest-type cloth armor appearances for the future.


    Merchants in the courts of Maj'dul are now stocking some additional "Ancient Teachings" recipe scrolls.


    Illusionists on their epic quest should no longer take lose faction with Freeport when using the Lucan illusion and then removing it.


    Status values on the housing window will now display separators so large numbers are easier to read.

    There is now an option in the Persona window to block voice invites.


    Veeshans Peak

    The gem drop rate of Veeshan's Peak has been slightly increased to account for the more frequent patterns.

    Each of the bosses in Veeshan's Peak now drop an additional gem.

    The Taskmaster in Veeshan’s Peak has made new use of his arcane knowledge! Raiders Beware!


    A few of the fae in Kelethin react to a good aligned arasai now.



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