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Questions about what I'm doing in Warhammer

I've had the game for 5-6 days now and I couldn't be happier...


But I seem to be a little lost, I just don't know what I should be doing or what's the smart path to take / etc.

I try to do what the developers said and mix and match RvR and PvE, Seems tough at times though.


I'm playing on a Medium population server (drakwald)

and Queue times are non-existant. It was good at first, then it took longer, and longer, and now with the new cross-scenario queuing, I can queue for all 3 at once and nothing will ever pop.

Then recently I finally hit level 12, and I moved over to tier 2 land and queued up for that, And again, nothing, ever. It felt like years that I was waiting.

Is the queue time problem normal or is a medium population server more like 20 people per side online at once?


If the queue times were better, I think I'd do a little better leveling / etc. /shrug

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  • NarsheNarshe Member Posts: 563

    Hm, the majority of people on your server might be PVE'ing and not participating in scenarios/rvr yet. On my server I can get into most queues within a few minutes, sometimes instantly, but it's almost always high/full.. you could try moving to a higher pop' server if you don't mind the waiting time and restarting--or stick with Drakwald and hope things will pick up, PVE'ing and grinding PQs in the meantime. I can't really see any other choices for now.

    Personally, unless I was with my friends/guild on there, I would move to a different server before getting too far along. The server I had originally started on has now dropped to low/low with hellishly long queue times, so I'm glad I joined a more popular one.


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  • vintageonevintageone Member Posts: 60

    I'm going to leave my chosen on Drakwald and just chill and leave him for now, I'm going to focus on some other classes (Want to check out some other options, even though Warriors are mah thing :D)

    And I'm going to move to a high / high (Full to 50 on peak hours) and check that out for a while, I hope things pick up for me. I love scenarios / world pvp  and I'm not a pve fan.

    I Do Whatever My Rice Krispies Tell Me To.

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