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Name one mmo that doesn't contain a grind



  • TerranahTerranah Member UncommonPosts: 3,575

    This is easy to answer: none.

  • redcap036redcap036 Member UncommonPosts: 1,230

    Lego's Blockland!

  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,192

    Bottom line Grind = Sword of the new world Granado Espada,  Probably the best example of what NOT to do when making game play aspects of a game.


    by the way I too looked for an mmorpg that did not have a grind, By grind I however only ment killing X number of Y mob, and even at only that I could not find a single game that didn't have that as its main focus of gaining exp. I hate EvE simply don't like the style and PoTBS was ok but It was also a grind.


    If you want a game that is not a grind try to play some offline RPG games that are 100% story driven..if you MUST play an online game with no grind the closest thing you will find is Guild wars, Its free 2 play after you buy the games,  There is zero grinding after level 20 (which you can get in 1 day) Even grinding for titles is not needed if you don't want to. Really you can pvp just fine and do dungeons just fine by following the story and buying weapons and armor from players, and taking skills from monster, There is really no real "Grind" after the first 20 level grind. Because you can even make money from PvP.

  • Mazer14Mazer14 Member Posts: 129
    Originally posted by fennec12
    Your post applies to any game in the world.
    FPS: Kill xx enemy = Grind

    Racing: Race the same track = Grind

    RTS: Defeat the same fraction again and again = Grind
    Games (no matter what kind) is a product to entertain for x hours by doing the same thing again and again.
    If there were no "grind" games would only last 10 min, and 5 of them is the intro movie.


    Calling games like CS, Starcraft, etc. a grind is pretty crazy. People play those games strictly for the fun/competition of the game whether it be via campaign or online multiplayer. There is no advancement of your character's level or skills (although you yourself will get better obviously). In an MMO, quests etc. become a grind because people are doing it (almost exclusively) to get their level up. Honestly, I've run at least 150 quests in WAR (sadly enought) so far but I couldn't give you legitimate details about the story behind one of them. Maybe in a racing game, your stats carry over from race to race and you improve your car so it's valid there and I wouldn't doubt there are some FPS/RTS games with a similar feature. But they can't all be in the same boat.

    All MMOs are grinds because of the character development thing. Some games are worse than others. Hopefully with games that feature things like manual aim, it'll become more than just about leveling when you go farm stuff.

    Self-confessed DF fanboy. Finally a real ****ing MMO.

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