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Stanley Cup !

Who will win the Stanley Cup ?

Make your predictions.

1- Detroit, Red Wings
2- San Jose, Sharks
3- Anaheim, Ducks
4- LA, Kings (Surprise!)
5- St Louis, Blues (LOL)
6- Edmonton, Oillers
7- Colorado, Avalaches
8- Dallas, Stars

East :
1- Monteal, Canadians
2- Pitsburg, Pingouins
3- Atlanta, Thrashers
4- Carolina, Hurricanes
5- Buffalo, Sabres
6- New York, Rangers
7- Ottawa, Senators
8- Toront, Leafs

FINAL : Montreal vs Anaheim, Montreal win in 7s at " Le Centre Bell ".

WTG Robert 'Bob' Gainey !! +1

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  • LeerixLeerix Member Posts: 43

    Avs Vs pittsburgh i'd say.

    Avs are going to suprise some people this year (if that's possible)

    and as much as it pains me to say it, the pengs will win it in 6 or or less- east just owns the west atm.

    Detroits getting to old!

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