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Intro-Level Helper List

Begginer's Help


Enemy Gives: (at least the following)

-stone monster gives: iron ore or marble in cave in first level in 1st town.

-chicken gives: rice, cantaloup seed.

-troll gives: common stone, wood, sardine.

-tree gives: rubber, pear seed, green apple, apple seed, mushroom, and various kinds of wood.

-snail gives: green garlic, mung bean.

-dragon fly gives: vine grass, turpentine, harl grass, cotton, yaro safflower.

-rabbit gives: pear seed.

-worm gives: red clay, grume, potato, pachyrhizus leaf, pachyrhizus.

-ant gives: antenea, rice.

-beetle gives: apple, beetles horn, madarin orange, watermelon, cantaloupe.

Where to Find: (if it's not earned from killing an enemy and you can't find it, that means another player recently picked it up. wait for it to respawn.)

-shale in old burnt out fire pit in 1st town.

-first town cave has clay, rock, and metal ore (from enemies).

-potato gotten from enemies in kama cave w/miner in it, between 1st and 2nd town.

-coconut on beach in palm tree on first beach that u crashed into (around monkey). If u can't reach, move around, it's just hard to get to.

-luan wood in top most forest of 1st town, gotten from tree enemies.

-aligote is growing on a vine in a vinyard in the second village.

Worth Selling:

-apple is 4 gold.

-potato is 4 gold.



-Firewood: 15G is good price and many sellers will sell for this. Don't fall for the 50G, thats bull.

-Various Ores: can be found for around 10G.

-Grey Clay: up to 50G because of importance in building

Gen. Notes:

-Free HP and SP? Just hit, Alt+1, for ur player to sit down and steadily recover both. Ur better off fishing though if u can, as u recover, plus you catch free stuff.

-squat (Alt+1) in ur tent to recover without the threat of enemy attack.

-wanna level up fast? pay attention to text scroll at bottom of page for DOUBLE Exp. days n use those as exclusive level grinding days for ur character.

-best way to level up? spend more time in individual battles and use weaker attacks, i.e. just your weapon and no SP moves (or only weak SP moves). U'll get a lot more EXP in longer  battles.

-BEWARE!!! in third town(holy village, after cave with troll guarding entrance) the first house u see on the right has a girl dead on the floor by her bed, DO NOT inspect!! if u do, Rocca will be taken away from ur party again and this could severely cripple ur fighting ability if u just barely made it into the town alive.

-don't help the guy at he top of the bar in 3rd town (holy village) unless ur ready to fight 3 strong guys at around level 25 each!

-need ship vouchers? their in the cellar of the mayor/elders house in holy village.

-the wolf is level 30 in the barn area where the boy cried wolf, better not be too weak.

-recorded fishing (looks like it doesn't depend on where u fish) gets: clay, hard shell, fish, shrimp, tillapia, yellow croaker, ordinary wood, laun wood, chinese cabbage, galena, shale, blue wild flower, copper ore, grape seed, little gooseberry, small daisy, white rabbit fur, common grass, mask model, rose, tobacco, bee spine, thin skinned, counch. (the higher ur fishing level, the better stuff u can catch.)

-whole party regens HP and MP while u continue to fish.

-worm is easiest most exp, when ur strong enough before 3rd village.

-kelan village is 1st, then kama cave in mid ground, then welling village is 2nd, and holy village is 3rd.

-to get into a person's shop, u must double click on the bubble above their head that says what's for sale.

-go into people's tents. sometimes they have items for sale on shelves or in vending machines inside.

-got the recipe for a raft and or boat?, u need to build stuff in ur tent first before it/they can be built.

-can't buy anything in the mall icon? it doesn't use money that u get from selling things in the game. probably have to pay real cash for a point card.

-find something randomly on the ground out of place? it might not be a spawning item. sometimes u or somebody else had something involutarily fall from their inventory. it might have been yours, better grab it!

-want to catch an enemy to fight 4 u like pokemon? Don't know if u have to weaken them first (couldn't hurt) or if their level has to be equal or lesser than yours, but u need to make sure you have no more than 3 members in ur active party so the captured enemy can fill in the forth space. to catch, select the grab looking icon instead of fighting or using an item (all caught ememies start at level 1 once caught). pretty much all enemies from beggining to the end of second village suck in fighting, pick one u like and build it up. put the rest of the time building up the human party members for a good pay off.

-rocca left ur team after you got the scroll to her dad/elder? no prob., talk to the dad/elder (or maybe rocca herself?), and u'll get her back!

-Roca is in prsion under church in 3rd town (holy village), can get her back by dodging the guards in ur not strong enough. DO NOT RESCUE IF WEAK! u'll have to fight 3 tough guards at level 25 to leave with her.

-fishing hole on dock to left of entrance of 3rd town (holy village).

-there's an awesone necklace for girl characters only under tombstone in chamber in 3rd town (holy village). to open chest at end of level under ground, read paper on wall, it tells u how many times to pull each lever in what order to open chest. necklace rating: MATK +50 and MaxHP +350.

-give captured pink earthworm to kid on dock in holy village to start leveling up ur fishing experience everytime u fish.

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