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Spin-off of Runescape?

BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

I played the beta of this game years ago. I think this game was meant to be more of a spin-off of Runescape, but with more depth to it. Mostly guys who played Runescape played it back then such as the legendary smither "BlueRose".

I've seen screens of this game now and its no improvement from the beta. I mean omg they didnt do ANYTHING from the looks of it.


  • AleeacerixAleeacerix Member UncommonPosts: 12

    Ogre Island isn't a spin-off of Runescape. It's more of a mystery world rpg game. But still, the game doesn't have the standards to appeal hardcore gamers. 

    If you add a RTS game in an MMORPG site, we are going to delete it!

  • PainbringerPainbringer Member Posts: 63

    I don't think Runescape was even in alpha stage when this game launched.


    If anything Runescape is a spinoff (or should I say, clone) of Ogre Island.

  • FritomanFritoman Member Posts: 59

    Exactly, this game came out in 1999. Wish people would check things out before speaking...but that will never change, we will always have ignorant peeps :)

  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    Please do not necro-post in old threads. Locked.

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