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  • YukykyYukyky Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for theres links

  • BazsoBazso Member UncommonPosts: 42

    hello everyone my name is bazso i have been a 2 ½ year player and i thought that i would submit my open forum guide site.

    it has on it screen shots which i might add can be printed out if your planing on playing the game i suggest you check out my guide forums site i wish you the best of luck and happy hunting if you do try this game out.



  • BluekillBluekill Member Posts: 1

    Good collection there.

  • Silky303Silky303 Member Posts: 134

    There's a decent collection of tips and guides for the Allied equipment in the Allied Secure section of the official forums. You'll need a sub account and to apply for membership of Allied Secure but it's well worth a read




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