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Unfinished Compound List

Important Note: You won't always get the same thing every time u compound, but these below have been recorded

Key: 'n' stands for 'and'

'is' equals finished product of synthesised items

Note: all items are one of each for the compound unless otherwise noted.


Compounds Tried:

-grape n grape is golden apple.

-vine n harl grass is straw mushroom.

-vine grass n harl grass is vine grass.

-blue wildflower n straw mushroom is alocasia macrorrhiza.

-grape seed n grape seed is tilapia.

-cantaloup seed n grape seed is pear seed.

-pear seed n grape seed is cantaloup seed.

-rubber n rubber is vine shoes or common stone.

-spinach n steemed buns is fungus.

-pachyrhizus leaf n mushroom is spinach.

-chinese cabbage n sunflower is rose.

-pear seed n pear seed is same.

-rose n small daisy is sunflower.

-pear seed n grape seed is mango seed.

-aligote n grape juice is grape.

-fine stick n granite is mages wand.

-dart n dart is same.

-magical wand n granite is spear.

-tilapia and tilapia is same.

-little gooseberry n little gooseberry is lemon.

-mushroom n mushroom is green garlic.

-shale n shale is obsidian.

-yellow croaker n yellow croaker is same.

-coal ore n coal ore is coal sand.

-common stone n common stone is same.

-fish n fish is yellow croaker, shrimp, or steamed buns.

-clay n clay is same.

-original rubber n original rubber is vine shoes, bowling ball, or dart.

-grume n grume is lucid glue.

-yellow croaker n fish is steamed buns.

-pollen n pollen is same.

-eel n shrimp is yellow croaker.

-eel n yellow croaker is yellow croaker.

-eel n tilapia is steamed buns.

-eel n fish is shrimp.

-anemones tentacles n ant tentacles is conch shell.

-shrimp n fish is fish.

-pollen n fruit pollen is yaro safflower.

-common grass n vine is vine grass.

-vine n vine is daphne.

-pest tentacles n bee spine is hard shell.

-hard shell n hard shell is fresh fish scale.

-cotton n cotton is fruit pollen.

-original rubber n grume is darts.

-lucid glue n lucid glue is same.

-potato n potato is pachyrhizus leaf.

-pachyrhizus leaf n pachyrhizus leaf is spring onion.

-grey clay n grey clay is same.

-white clay n white clay is same.

-yellow clay n white clay is white clay.

-clay n grey clay is clay.

-grape n grape is watermelon, golden apple, or grape juice.

-watermelon and watermelon is apple.

-shrimp and shrimp is same.

-magical wand n marble is luan stick.

-copper n granite (or) marble is copper claw.

-ordinary wood n ordinary wood is magical wand.

-spear n luan stick is luan wood.

-fungus n fungus is cole (looks like cabbage).

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