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[Recruitment] - Rage For Order

eiskareiskar Member Posts: 2

Welcome to Nihil-Obstat Alliance’s Recruitment Corner of the forums! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Eiskar. I am soliciting you and ask for only a few brief minutes of time to entertain the idea of joining our group of PVP pilots. We are Rager for Order Corporation and we are here to kick @ss and make our enemies beg for mercy at the end of a (insert favorite weapon here). Ooh and we are recruiting as well, ;0)

Who we are

Rage for Order is a PVP-centered corporation based in Gallente space with around 50 active pod-pilots. We like to dismantle other pilot’s ships, create havoc and chaos where none existed before, and destroy things that we do not like with severe prejudice and have fun at the same time. Conan said it best:

“Conan, what is best in life?”

“To crush your enemies; see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!”

What we are looking for

- 8 million SP minimum with a focus on combat and PvP.

- Previous combat experience preferred but not required.

- Must be willing to take part in ops and do your part to support the group.

- No corporation hoppers. If you join, you stay, none of this quitting-after-a-week malarkey. Your employment histories will be checked and asked about.

- American and European pilots welcome. We all speak English well enough to understand each other, so no English, sorry your out.

- Sense of humor since we are all sick minded sarcastic bastards.

- We are not interested in self proclaimed PVP experts. Your knowledge of such things is great and will be added to the group as a whole but, walk in the door on a clean slate. Learn the operation, get in the flow and then make suggestions.

- We are tactical and not a suicide squad. We value you as a pilot, we expect you to value yourself.

- Use of ventrilo is required for PvP operations. If your interacting with the operation, a microphone is a must, if your just a gun slinging joe taking orders, no mic is needed.

- Social people that are looking for a great gaming experience with friend, while taking over the EVE Universe, one kill at a time.

What we offer

- Established Active Corporation that isn't going to disband overnight (1 year strong). We are an alliance of like minded individuals with strong corporation goals and serious aspirations for the future.

- Forums, killboard, Ventrilo server.

- PvP operations ranging from empire wars to low-sec roaming to 0.0 combat. Operations are scheduled regularly as well as spontaneous roaming gangs, exploration, complex running, and general EVE @sshattery.

- Fleet size ranges from 5-45 ships and is increasing all the time.

- Solid core of veteran pilots to learn from, fly with and share ideas with. If you aren’t a PVP god, then we will try and get you there, training as needed.

- Access to 0.0 space for ratting, mining and exploration, along with an established supply route to and from that space.

- Capital Ship Funding Program.

Would you like to know more?

- Our public channel is RAGER, drop in there any time and badger someone for a chat.

- Or you can contact us ingame. Elias Modron (Euro contact), Eiskar, DRMALIKIA, or Sisko Urso. Or anyone else you happen to see laying about the RAGER channel, we do not bite so convo us anytime.

“They shall all drown in lakes of blood”

“Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark.”

“Now they will know why they fear the night.”


  • eiskareiskar Member Posts: 2

    daily bump for a great corp, 5 new recruits keep them coming!

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