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Semi new player looking for PvP corp. Willing to start as tackler

ThatimThatim Member Posts: 240



Well, I am about to start my 5th trail account, only this time I am serieus. If I get the right opertunities, I will upgrade it to a real account..


Anyways, I am looking for a PvP corp. I know the basics of the game, but I don't have the XP of 0.0 area's. I am planning to be a tackler in the beginning, so I am able to join as soon as possible.


About me, I am a friendly, social dude, who sometimes chats to much. I like this game alot because of its dept, but I never got pass a trail account, because every time I ended up doing solo mission running, which is kind of boring in my eyes. Some is no problem ofcourse but that was just.. alot. Planning to be Minmatar Special Forces, so I am close to beeing a tackler. I am able to follow up commands and such, and I am very corp / group focused, which means that I am always wanting to help a corpy out of need and such.


What do I expect from you?


Well, I am looking for a place to start off my EvE online career as a combatant. Hoping to become a pilot someday, but first things first. That means, a place where people can explain me more detailed stuff like 0.0 combat. Further, but maybe most important, and friendly and chatty place. I am from the EU, so it would be great if there are alot of EU players.

Something that is really optional, but always nice, ships from the corps. I am always paying the money back, but doing lvl2 missions in a cruiser which ISK got loaned, goes faster then lvl 1 mission in my frig ;)

So, are you and your corp the right deal for me? Don't hesitate to send me a PM. I will be checking this thread daily, and might post it on some other forums. I will be creating my account tommorow.

Thanks for reading, and fly save!


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