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What do i do now (stargate ) ?

SlovencSlovenc Member Posts: 290

hay i won the sweepstake for the beta but what do i do now do i get a code or what  (im already registred for the beta )


  • Teh_ROFFLESTeh_ROFFLES Member Posts: 20

    Wait until sends you an email telling you what to do.

  • SlovencSlovenc Member Posts: 290

    i only got a email to claim the prize and then i only had to give my account name and pasword (of mmorpg) and then nothing happened

  • Teh_ROFFLESTeh_ROFFLES Member Posts: 20

    Well in the Terms and Conditions of the contest it was stated that people would start being accepted into the beta on an unspecified date. So as of right now, your guess is as good as mine.

  • Kalik-KaotikKalik-Kaotik Member Posts: 13

    Same thing I won. Then tried to claim and it said I was disqualified...

  • xRand0mxxRand0mx Member Posts: 71
    Originally posted by Kalik-Kaotik

    Same thing I won. Then tried to claim and it said I was disqualified...


    You had 24 hours to claim it, if you waited too long or didn't realize that you won and tried to claim after the 24 hour mark then you were disqualified.

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