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Graphics Explination

I seen alot of post bashing on Warhammers Graphics.

hearing things like ...

"slightly better than wow graphics"

"looks 8 years old"

"watered down and no artistic design"


Let me explain a bit about Graphics and MMOs.

Philosophy of MMOs is to get as MANY players to play as you can. To match this have to have a game that will run on as many machines as possible . released in the last 2-3 years.  This also means they want casual players and hit the same MASS market of people that dont' have Gaming Rigs. To get the number of subscribers that WoW has you would NEED and almost cirtainly 100% require that the game run smoothly on as many comptuer as you can. Hell WoW runs on an Abicus.

1- The game looks good while still being able to run on your moms Dell.

2- The artistic design is actual great. The buildings. the Victorian age, the feel is exactly what the IP describes.

3- The game actually looks closer to LOTRO graphics than WoW.

4- WoWs entire artistic design came from  Warhammer. Warcraft 1: Orcs vs Human was originally going to be a Warhammer DOS game.  Games Workshop is an uptight company that is stuborn with thier rights and turned down the deal. "Warhammer : Orks vs Empire" became the famous "Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans"





  • DarkPonyDarkPony Member Posts: 5,566

    Just to add a bit; It has to run without too much lag in mass RvR and that means additional sacrifices, for example a limited amount of visual character features and spell effects which are optimized.

    All good though -> Gameplay and stability are damn important.

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