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Phoenix Server to White Tower

I moved to White Tower with my guild. (of about 7 players I know in real life)

we got a few members to move as well.

Now they are all nervous cause the population last night was dead.

This is a CORE-RP server by the way

No Scenarios.. noone to fight.. nothing.

We have about 21 guildies now on the new server but most the original friends are almost regretting the move thinking it will never fill up.

You think this CORE RP server will fill up?

There is more talking and community in this server than any other server type I been too.. you should all come over :)

and Join Hand of Ulric guild :)




  • NarsheNarshe Member Posts: 563

    I think it will fill up in time to at least med/med.. but I'm very comfortable on Phoenix Throne, been having a great time with my guild and PUGs and the general community. There is also Ostermark which has filled up nicely.

    Good luck on White Tower though.

    Waiting for Fallen Earth, World of Darkness, Old Republic, FFXIV

  • PangaeaPangaea Member Posts: 434

    Thanks.. :).. since the game just gcame out yesterday I hope this weekend we get an influx of players.

    I want to have scenarios. And people playing late night hours.

    I guess I have time to PVE.. as I am stuck now at RR10 with no one to kill




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