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"Hand of Ulric": Server: Ostermark: RP: ORDER

PangaeaPangaea Member Posts: 434

Guild: Hand of Ulric

Server: Ostermark: Core-RP

Faction: Order



Welcome to the Hand of Ulric guild.

This guild is intended for a mature group of players that want to enjoy all the things that Warhammer Online has to offer. This includes KILLING Destruction. We only ask that you be kind and respectful. We are on the White Tower Server; which is a Role Play server, but the Guild Chat is considered OOC. Only talking to someone in person is role play (since it isn't really feasible to speak to each other across the country).

We do ask you read the history of Ulric: God of Wolves, Battle, and Winter. If you have any questions please direct them to Illuminatia (in game) and I will help as best that I can.

Our end goal is to coordinate Keep Sieging, Scenarios and group based RVR where we can cooperate though a vent server.

I hope you enjoy your experience with us. Stick with us and in time we will be a grand guild.


Ulric: God of Wolves, Battle, and Winter.

Tall men, and fierce, the worshippers of Ulric preserve the Spirit and traditions of their ancestors who founded the Empire. The cult of Ulric as it is currently constituted dates back over 3,000 years, with its leaders able to trace his succession across a millennia. When the forefathers of the Teutogen tribe crossed the frozen and terrible mountains of the Old World to come to the land that is now the Empire, it was Ulric who guided them, sending wolves to protect them on the way. These men erected no monuments and forged no steel. They were wild men. The cult of Ulric maintains that primal spirit from which the Empire arose, even in this later age of black powder and other wonders.

Ulric is the God of battle and destruction, the patron of the wolves and the spirit of Winter. Most scholars understand him to the brother of Taal. Ulric is portrayed as a massive warrior alike in form and armament to the barbarians who founded the Empire: his long hair flows unbound; his thick, black beard is silvered by hoar frost; on his back is a silver-grey wolf-skin cloak. He wields a giant two-handed hammer and goes into battle without a helm to show his bravery. Ulric is also represented from time top time as a huge silver-grey wolf. He despises weakness, cowardice, and trickery, and expects his followers to always take the direct approach to solving a problem.

Ulric was the patron God of the Teutogens, one of the twelve great Human Tribes an d the people from whom Sigmar himself sprang. Like his God, Sigmar wielded a two-handed hammer and went into battle without a helm. After many adventured, Sigmar eventually unified the tribes into the Empire. Since then, the state religion of the Empire has become the cult of Sigmar, supplanting Ulric's place of importance in the Empire.


The Symbol of Ulric is the wolf; wolf-head medallions are worn by many of his followers, and the design is also used as a decoration on weapons and armour. Some followers of Ulric wear wolf-skins as cloaks. Priests wear black robes with white wolf-head emblems on the breast and trimmed with wolf-skin.

Dedicated worshippers of Ulric usually go unshaven and do not trim their hair, as that they might be as close in likeness to Ulric as possible.

Areas of Worship

Ulric is mainly venerated in the north of the Empire and Middenland in particular, but his cult is also found in other parts of the Old World, especially among warriors. Knightly orders, soldiers, mercenaries and most anyone who fights for a living will have a shrine dedicated to Ulric near them at all times.

In Middenheim particularly, the cult of Ulric is the dominant force, both politically and spiritually. Only there is a cult highly organized, with massive temples and complexes housing thousands upon thousands of clergy and other cult members. Only there in the empire does Ulric easily eclipse the importance of Sigmar; Ulric is the most common name for boys in Middenheim, and most men there go unshaven as a sign of devotion.

While professional warriors throughout the Old World pray to Ulric, often on a daily bases, these sorts of folk rarely rely on temples or clergy to communicate with their God. While it is true, therefore, that the highly organized cult of Ulric is limited to Middenhiem, let there be no mistake: Ulric is a powerful and important God, prayed to by every man or woman who has to do battle. In the Old World, sooner or later, that is everyone.


Ulric is considered to be indifferent. He is a distant, harsh, and unforgiving God, who expects his followers to stand on their own two feet, putting their faith in martial prowess.


Devout worshippers of Ulric abide by the following strictures. Initiates, Priests or templars who violate these strictures may lose their abilities.

*Obey your betters.

*Defend your honour, when ever it is challenged

*Stand honest and true. Deception and trickery is not the way of Ulric

*Wolf-skin may only be used on clothing if you have killed the wolf yourself, using only the weapons provided by nature: hand-crafted bows, spears carves from long sticks, and the like.

*Gunpowder weapons, explosives, and incendiaries and crossbows bring no glory to their wielder. Use them if you must, but all other types of weapons and armour and preferred.

*The fires in temples and shrines to Ulric must never be allowed to go out; it is said that if any do so , the next winter will last a full year.



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