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The VOYAGE - Glorious Pirates

Clarion sings a song for the glorious pirates,

Inspire more and more warriors to adventurous voyage,

Unite, help and rely on each other,

Moving forward…

Nothing can stop the heroes!

Because they help each other

Come and join us in the TOP video contest,

To share your story on the voyage


Event Duration: 17th Sep. – 6th Oct.


Event Location: TOP Video


Event Rules:

1.The videos must be about how to help your friend's level up.

2.All videos must be original.

3.Entries must be uploaded to, and the link posted in the proper place in the TOP forum. The post must also contain your character name, server name, and be titled with "Hero".


Click the following links to learn how to make a video and transfer the video to the appointed place.


Guide to ToP Video Making

Embedding Flash animation/videos to posts


1. Video tags must contain Tales of Pirates, IGG and TOP.

2.IGG reserves the right of final interpretation and the ownership of winners’ works. The source file of the winning works must be sent to IGG.

3.If you are caught spamming, your qualifications will be cancelled.

4.IGG reserves all rights for the final judgment of the event.


Selection Criteria:

the "works" will be judged and commented by players and the winner will be selected by IGG official.


Event Rewards:

1st Prize*1: the new apparel + chest of magenta

2nd Prize*2: Chest of Enigma + 1,000,000 golds

3rd Prize*3: Chest of Demonic World + 500,000golds

4th Prize*10: Hi-Amplifier of Luck(Stack of 9)



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