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Sulk Sulk Whine Moan :(

Loved the Beta for this... absolutely enchanted me from day one.  Mythic actually hit this one out of the park I think.   Everyone I ran into in the beta loved it too and planned to order it.

Now for my sulk sulk whine moan:


Because my wife decided to pay a bunch of b ills early I can't buy the game till next payday!!!! ARGH!!!! 

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  • snowchrome2snowchrome2 Member UncommonPosts: 239

    /pat, my girlfriend is sulk sulk moaning because i have to buy her a windows copy so she can use bootcamp to play war while she is at college.

  • teknicianteknician Member UncommonPosts: 270

    Doesn't she know that immediate online gaming gratification always comes before real-life practical needs?

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